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Apr 8, 2005
It's sadly not the sort of game you can open source without pretty much tossing it into the grave, though, worst case scenario, that is a possibility, albeit one up to the inheritors of the materials to decide. If it went open source and someone did pick up the project, they'd have to re-write a whole lotta leaked fundamentals from scratch, so the original source couldn't be used against it.

We have an excellent, as well as prolific, coder and an excellent scripter. A few tasks I've offloaded aren't getting done, true, but I think that's largely because those folks have given up their work seeing the light of day so long as I'm around - the catch-22 being, a replacement lead is not available, and I know of only one guy with enough multi-disciplinary depth and specialist knowledge of the systems involved who could even attempt it, but, well, he has a life.

Not that we couldn't use more help. We are lacking a dedicated modeler, but again, lacking more in dedication in general, as a result of the fact the one guy whose job it is to get it all out (ie. yours truly), isn't all there.

Lucifer Majiskus

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Mar 9, 2009
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I, personally, appreciate and respect all that you do. The situation is not simple, nor ideal, but thank you for sticking with it so long.

It's much easier to be hyper-critical, than it is to actually think and be grateful. People seem to forget how to be appreciative of what they have.