how do i open the game?


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Apr 8, 2005
Damn Thoth, what're you playin' with that monster?
Well, it's not a TI. ;) I probably shouldn't say what CPU I'm using. ><

It's true, I don't get much use out of it in general though. I really only play one game a week, outside of MSC, as a social effort - and I do have to keep an eye on the r_speeds, lest I be fooled into thinking all is well, when it isn't. Still, beastly machine makes this all easier. I can launch MSC and a DS at the same time on different cores, and connect one to the other in well under 10 seconds, through a single batch file. This mitigates the effects of our latest wall would otherwise have against testing efforts - sadly, a wall which we had to hit in our efforts to make the newer maps and their concepts possible.

Granted, MSC being such a beast, is why I upgraded to this beast earlier in the year.