Master Sword: Continued is dead. Is it still playable? Now what?


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Apr 20, 2013
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And what's up with the mouse bug?
And what's wrong with the screen, its all glitchy, I can't see!
Ugh, the game keeps crashing!
And I can't make a forum account to ask for help!

I'll be answering all of your questions here.

First, yes, Master Sword: Continued is dead. But not all hope is lost as dedicated members of the community have picked the game's source, creating new content, fixing bugs, and improving on existing game mechanics. I contribute by fixing bugs, writing entity logic, and managing the script repository.
The project is called, Master Sword: Rebirth.

So is "Continued" still playable?​

Good news is you can still play. After all, to play MSR you must submit a key request.
I will now explain a step by step guide to getting Master Sword Continued running on your computer in the most ideal way possible.
1. Ensure Half-Life is installed
2. Use the "steam_legacy - Pre-25th Anniversary Build"
2a. Navigate to your steam library, find and right click Half-Life
2b. Click Properties
2c. Click Betas
2d. Under "Beta Participation" there's a drop down menu. Click it and select "steam_legacy - Pre-25th Anniversary Build".
3. Go to and click yellow "Go to Download" button at the right.
Note: Do NOT use the one on moddb, that is not the latest version of MSC!
4. Run the installer (ensure that it is installing into your Half-Life folder! Ex: .../steamapps/common/Half-Life/msc
5. Restart Steam
And boom it should be in your library. Now the hard part begins.

There are a slew of technical issues that MSC faces. I'll name off the ones that I plan to cover:
  • Inaccessible content
  • Screen is glitchy and can't see
  • Can't look all the way around with a mouse
  • Crashes
  • Character corruption

Inaccessible Content​

For context, MSC is an mmo-lite and expects you to be actively playing with a few members. Because of this expectation, some content (loot, map completion, character progression) is locked behind a literal playercount on the server. As the playercount on the server increases, loot will drop more often, and some special loot will BEGIN to drop. That means, as a solo player, you cannot interact with half of the content the game has to offer.
There is a solution.
Two community members took it upon themselves to patch the last version of MSC to allow solo players to experience all of this content. That, among many other changes and quality of life fixes. The patch is called "Quirky Quornhole," and is the only way to to be able to experience all of MSC's content. It is an extremely accelerated experience though, and it is possible to miss a lot of content, due to how fast you can fly though levels and loot.
If you have a forum account and are logged in, you may find the original download here:
If you do NOT and cannot make one, here is a direct link:

To apply the patch, follow these steps:
1. Download from one of the provided links
2. Open your steam library, and find "Master Sword Classic"
3. Right click and go to "Manage" then "Browse Local Files"
4. In the newly opened window, navigate to msc/dlls
5. Open the downloaded zip file then extract and replace the sc.dll
And now you've successfully applied the Quirky Quornhole patch, and you should be able to access content that was just locked away.

Now is a good time to open the game, and "Establish a Kingdom" or "Visit a Kingdom." Ensure the map is currently on "edana" if you're making a new character. (Hint: If it's your first time playing, you're gonna make a new character.) On the character creation / selection screen, you must be FAST. The game will CRASH if you linger too long.

Screen is Glitched and Can't See​

This is caused from a fault in the bloom shader. While in-game, you can cycle through bloom types with 'b'. Keep pushing it and eventually it'll turn off. Once its off, probably unbind the button so you don't accidentally flashbang yourself. Alternatively, in the console, you can type, "ms_bloom_level 0"

Can't Look All the Way Around with Mouse (Mouse bug)​

This is caused by the "Raw Mouse Input" option. In the game's menu, navigate to Options -> Mouse. Then UNCHECK "Raw Mouse Input." Then push ok.


Most crashes are unavoidable. To mitigate crashing, restart the game every map transition. Another way to help reduce crashing is to start a dedicated server and connect to it. Sometimes, someone will be hosting a public Quornhole server, but it may go down after a crash. If it does, let someone know in the official MSC server, someone will respond. Choose whichever option is best for your patience/needs. There is also the mentioned character select crash, just don't linger on the character select screen for too long. Do not spawn two poison clouds inside of each other. Very high chance for crash.

Character Corruption​

Yes, sadly, it happens. When it happens, your character will have no items, spells, galats chest, or levels, and has 5hp. The only sure way to be unaffected is to back up your characters regularly. Simply Open your steam library, and find "Master Sword Classic", Right click and go to "Manage" then "Browse Local Files", In the newly opened window, navigate to "msc," then copy the save folder elsewhere. That is your backup. Do it after every achievement / play session.

Armed with this knowledge, you now know how to run MSC from start to end, bugs inclusive. There is a lot to see in the game, some of it is hard to find. The Official Discord on the home page still has active users, and are very helpful and informative. Once again I remind you that there is a continuation effort, Master Sword Rebirth, that fixes a lot of these issues, among many other fixes and quality of life changes. Check it out here: