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    To reach the goal of no stolen stuff

    Hello everyone, I know that there is still alot of stolen stuff in the game and it is wanted to replace them all. One of these stolen models is the Phlames Staff. I found a good looking model that could replace the stolen one. @Thothie: If you say the poly is okay and the OBJ file fits I...
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    Water Temple - SHUT DOWN

    Re: New Map - Water Temple What I think about when looking at the map, are the sunken ruins of adel connected to ocean crossing. I dont know whats the Lore of the ruins but i think a water Temple could be placed before the ruins to ocean crossing or maybe a standalone plane connected to ocean...
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    Do not take it seriously ;-)

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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    Hey, These Bugs are know well. In cleicert you have to kill ihm fast enough than it does not Crash but that is Not easy with los Level. Affliction blade use the 3rd Charge only with one never with both. The 2nd Charge doesnt cause Crashs.
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    Skyrim Total Conversion Mod

    Hello Guys, I would like to show and introduce you the shortly released Total Conversion Mod for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I think that not everyone noticed it because it is made by german developers in german language and people who doesn't come from germany like me maybe never heard about...
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    The end has come?

    Hello together, is this the end? After the EU and LA servers now the chicago servers are down too? Is it only updating or something and will come back or will it disapear now like all the others?
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    Jens's / Meru's Trading Post

    Hey Guys, the following stuff I am looking for and have to trade: Looking for: Urdual Shield Stormpharaoh's Lance Chaos Axe Shadow Lance Blood Blades 2x Stuff to trade: Chromatic Vest Torkalath Bows (all versions) Ice Typhoon Dark Sword 2x Dragon Axe Unbreakable Golden Axe Raven Mace...
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    Frosty fly high

    Well I thought this problem was fixed with the patch, because it never happend. Till now.. here u see the same thing happened again to frosty. There is no way to teleport him away from...
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    This we had done. I started the transition and joined as second and spawned at the normal shad point.
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    When me and some others tried to enter shad palace secret chamber only one spawned there and the others at the normal shad palace spawn. Only worked for the First Player who joined the Server. Is this maybe wanted but that would make no sense. I think it is a Bug isnt it?
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    [various chests/undercliffs_xxx] #scope server { const CHEST_SELF_ADJ 1 const BC_SPRITE_IN 1 setvar BC_ARTIFACTS "<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>;<arfifact_item_script>" //swap with...
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    Rollback Request

    Thanks, it is perfect looks like the same I had when starting today.
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    Rollback Request

    It gets really annoying now, some crashes are okay but now it crashed directly after i crafted my Death Skythe... All Materials away and no Skythe to see. Had a crash while crafting some time before too, but there I got my item. Maybe you can check if there is any problem. I have no other...
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    sfor fshard quest

    Hello, I made the fshard Boss with Draca and my twink. I would like to know why I got no FShard. I Made the Most dmg 15k I Made and 6k from Draca. My twink only has around 600 HP but he got the quer allready. The twink is on the Same Account than my Main who allready did the quest. Is it only...
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    Rollback Request

    Hi the try to transfer 5 Symbols to another one ended in total disapear of them :( Was around 08:30 pm UTC+1 ,01.11.2015 "Jens" Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:23328455 Slot: 1 (left)