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    Dark Souls

    I played Demons' Souls almost entirely offline, except for the few times I got invaded and the one time I had a phantom help me. I would say it's completely enjoyable offline, and every single boss can be defeated solo anyway. Dark Souls is shaping up to be one of my favorite games. I really...
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    I have almost played the game completely to death, all I'm missing is time to finally research the last few things and think about if the game really has a true ending or not. I love this game, I hope they make another one because these guys definitely have a passion for whatever it is they're...
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    Suggestions thread by zeus

    yey wepaeons How about some weapons that don't force us to ever run the_wall again?
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    Trading soul for Steam Xbow hint.

    It fires 6 bolts in rapid succession. The file is called v_steambow.mdl. It was modeled and skinned by Sabre. It requires 35 archery. It operates with a steam chamber that, when the gas is expunged, rotates two axial gears who in turn rotate a main gear that retracts the bowstring clamp along...
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    Bug Reports MAR2011a

    I had that happen with a GHA on me, somebody pulled it out of my ass and handed it back to me. Upon opening my inventory, a GHA stack appeared there for a second and then was gone.
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    Blast from the past

    I remember getting one from him shortly after I started playing, and I don't think I've ever lost my PC scroll so it might be the same one.
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    Steam Store

    I've been on a few mods that got into the steam store with no connections to valve or payments, but I can't remember how. I think the Valve team and the Steam community managers themselves are separate entities, and all you do is shoot them an email asking to get listed. I don't think MSC is...
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    Criticism plox?

    Yes, my bad. I misread. If the titan fists are the same proportions as the MSC hands, you can just scale them up in size in the HLMV, that'll scale the skeleton as well.
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    Female voice actor :D

    Lockdown has asked me to put out some children models so I will do that sometime in early september. It will put my work on elves on hold until the children are complete.
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    3DS Max - Version 4

    the viewpoint manipulating and most common buttons you'll use haven't changed since the early versions of max, so they're probably good to read through and mess around with, but if you use a modern version of max you'll probably need to look online for tutorials or the in-program helper for...
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    Criticism plox?

    If the mesh "joints" line up with the bones in the hand rig it's not an issue. If they don't then you need a new rig. Considering how bad most of the MSC models are anyway, who's going to notice? On second thought, It's not like the hand is going to be doing anything anyway, all it does is hold...
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    I worked for 60 hours straight in one week and then 40 hours the next to get those detailtextures done. I had a lot of time on my hands, but still, creating and editing textures and then applying them to every texture in every map was pretty boring. I didn't even do that good of a job. Other...
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    Unique Items

    Unique items would require a much more expanded world than we currently have (so that a unique item isn't farmed, so much as stumbled upon or specific circumstances are met to entitle the weapon) and probably more gameplay choices than simply farm for the next newest weapon. The felewyn blade or...
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    Armor of Bravery nerf/rebalance/suggestion thread

    obviously right now what we have isn't the best but it's probably the best of the current situation, i held off posting because the issue really is a later game one but since you guys keep posting i'll have to :( the armor of bravery does indeed need to be fixed because it simply throws away a...
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    Alien Swarm

    So yeah back to the topic on hand, Alien Swarm IS playable and IS fun. It's very similar to L4D in terms of teamwork and simplicity, but still more complicated (but not as complicated as NS :P). It's too bad it has only one's really a blast. I like L4D more than L4D2, I like Halo...