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Rollback Request

Discussion in 'FN Rollback Requests' started by Age, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Age

    Age New Adventurer Socialist Guild

    Hey, my character Age needs a rollback if possible.

    Time: Rollback to late April 18th (After 10pm CDT or April 19th 3:00 UTC) or early April 19th (Before 7pm CDT or April 20th 0:00 UTC)
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1679220
    Character slot: #1

    My bludgeon hammer disappeared after dying to the novablade boss on the_keep. I can't say that I didn't fat finger drop it (I did not hear or see it drop) but I tried to put away as I died, and after respawning and pressing my hotkey nothing happened, so I checked my bags and it's vanished. Ran back to boss room and changed levels a few times to no avail.
  2. The Man In Black

    The Man In Black Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Developer RiP

    Jul 9, 2006
    Obvious question, but I'm assuming you were alone and it didn't just get stolen by someone who played dumb after?
  3. Age

    Age New Adventurer Socialist Guild

    I was solo at the time so no foul play. If I did drop it then it's possible it disappeared before I made it back to the room. I don't remember how quickly items disappear on the ground.
  4. Thothie

    Thothie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Developer

    Apr 8, 2005

    Probably not the place to bring it up, but all items universally decay after a full minute, I believe. It'd be handy to have a switch to override this, for quest items and the like, both in the entity (msitem_spawn) and in the createitem command.

    (I'm just gonna go and mirror this where it probably belongs now...)

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