Extremely Low FPS While Playing MSC

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Jul 27, 2017
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I am making this post for a friend of mine who is wanting to play MSC but he is experiencing terrible performance when he plays MSC. Recently I had given him an old desktop PC of mine so that we can play games together and I have attached the specifications for that desktop computer for consideration. He has told me that he experiences extremely low FPS while playing MSC on any resolution and even without bloom. Really I do not know what his problem could be, so I am asking any of you to provide assistance.



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Apr 8, 2005
FAPMASTER690000.txt (of all the things to name your computer) said:
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
CPU: Intel Pentium D 820
Memory: 4GB DDR2
The GPU is dated, the memory is bare minimum, and the CPU is ancient. So... Yeah. Fap maybe, master no - none of that new fangled VR porn for him.

Sadly, despite being built on an engine from 1998, Master Sword requires a computer from at least 2010. That CPU is from 2005.

Two things to check out, should new hardware not be an option:
The usual, make MSC look even crappier option:
And the Game Booster option:

The latter I don't normally recommend, but if you're desperate, it's certainly the most "fine tuned" version of such a tool, even if it's pure botnet evil. Won't save him, in and of itself, but coupled with the low end settings, might put him in the ballpark.

The CPU is only dual core, and recent Half-Life updates make the engine semi-multithreaded across two cores, so also check the Task Manager before launching MSC, check the Processes tab (allowing for processes by all users), and make sure nothing is eating CPU in the background before you begin.