Bludgeon Triology


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Aug 28, 2004
Chapter 1: Birth of Nashalrath

Many many years ago, the three blessed Loreldians, created several prototypes for enligthened races,The Bludgeons were one such prototype, Giants were another.
As the real enlighthened races were created, the bludgeons were left behind scattered, some living in fishing villages, other living in forests hunting. The forest bludgeons were known as the Sunchasers, the coast bludgeons of the Dawnhope.
Both sides serving as mercenaries during the Loreldian wars.
After the war, ironically religious splintergroups appeared.
The Goldhorn clan appeared, and the Darkhoof clan appeared,
Alligned to Felewyn and Torkalath respectively, the two clans quickly moved away from what they percieved as their "Blind Elders".

Once Lor Malgoriand appeared and started to enforce chaos, the Sunchasers, and the Goldhorn were the first to be wiped out.
The Dawnhope quickly abandoned their wooden fishing villages and constructed a giant capital named "Learana", which means "City of Glory" in their language, however, the Dawnhope underestimated the Darkhoof. Merely months after its construction, Learana was conquered by King Hashalgath and his mad Demon Bludgeon warlocks.
A few Dawnhope inhabitants managed to flee to the eastern wastelands, Learana belongs to the demons now.
Darkhoof King Hashalgath renamed Learana to Nashalrath, which means "City of Blood" and took reign in its now defiled palace and temples. Shortly after however, Malgoriand was slain by Felewyn, through magic, Nashalrath sank deep beneath the earth and was sealed off.

The Bludgeons moved deep into the Wilderness and formed a village called Valanora.

Chapter 2: The Exodus to the sea

Twenty years before the second great war a young bludgeon female named Danara Hawkface rose to bring glory to her people according to ancient prophecies.

Danara Hawkface was nothing but a female scout of the now almost destroyed Valanora, no less than 40 Bludgeons survived to this day, attacks from wild animals and the orcish blackhand clan is almost an everyday thing, so is the death of bludgeons. Danara noticed orc tracks in the Bloodrose mountain pass leading to Valanora,
she tracked them down to an encampment with an army of about 100 orcs, including battle mages, Danara rushed home and asked to convene with chieftain Goldnose.

She told him of the incomming army and how they were preparing to invade Valanora. Goldnose sighed "How can we survive an attack like that?, we barely have twenty able guards!", Danara looked at him "There is only one solution...leaving". the chief looked at her in disbelief, "Leaving?, you mean leaving Valanora who we fought to defend for generations now?" Danara nodded "Either that or our extinction which we fought to prevent, if we did not want to save ourselves we could just have remained at Learana when it was cursed" the chief nodded. That day everyone prepared to leave, and during nightfall a caravan of Bludgeons left Valanora for good. Then became a long journey through the dangerous Bloodrose mountains, Danara had a plan, they would head the sea.

The chieftain agreed with her, noticing her great ability to lead. The following morning at a makeshift camp she was called to his tent. He stared at her, almost suspisciously before asking her to kneel, she did so , even if confused. At that moment he suddenly stood up, raised his hand above her, and said several words "Danara Hawkface. the ancestors has communed with me...Hereby, upon my death, you will be my only heir of our legacy, should i die...YOU will bring our people to safety.", Danara was flattered and shocked, but she corrected herself and nodded "It will be an honor". Goldnose smiled and then dismissed her. An hour later the caravan was on the move again, passing close to the ruins of an elven city, who once used to be an ally of the bludgeons. Unfortunately, all the inhabitants were dead. except for one. Goldnose knocked on the door, a young elf opened the door suspiciously "Hello?, hello?, you...The Valanorians!" he exclaimed. Goldnose entered his house, it was shabby, with a sealed backdoor. "Greetings my elven friend, as you know, we are facing dark times, the city is dead... The orcs are comming...They are Findlebind!" Findlebind nodded "Dark times loom ahead indeed. Melanion sounds more and more...dangerous, the demonic screams echoes all the way here... they seem to...come closer"
Goldnose nodded. "We are leaving theese plains elf, we are moving away from all this, our people are becoming mad, in the last months several of us suddenly just ran away and became wild animals...we call them wretched, thoose feral bludgeons could be everywhere, we already met two...we are leaving theese plains, moving away from this"
He nodded "I would leave too if not for my... plight as guardian, however my destiny has been decided ages ago,its all fate." Goldnose nodded briefly "Indeed...Take care my friend, i hope you will never face the same end as your comrades."
After giving an ancient bludgeon blanket to Findlebind he left, however as soon as they were prepaing to leave something rose up from the ground.

Skeletons, green poisoned skeletons with shields suddenly rose up from the city, a skeleton suddenly ran straight for the chief, he struck it and it exploded wounding him violently. *Danara took her bow, she had one of the most skillfull aims ever seen, she hit several skeleton in the bones on the legs, briefly stopping them, the bludgeon warriors with their mauls destroyed the skeletons easily. Goldnose was wounded gravely, with his dying breath he gave his plate armor and the title as chieftain to Danara hawkface. Goldnose was buried, and then the caravan continued on its journey, passing a strange building on the top of a cliff and a mysterious dungeon entrance, finally arriving to the thornlands some days later. While moving through they suddenly noticed a pack of angry wolves attacking a boy, he was armed with a sword and fought valiantly. Danara show two of the wolves in their eyes with her bow, making the other flee.

She caught up with him, he revealed he was out to find some money for his family when he was attacked by wolves.
He showed Danara a bag full of coins, "They were hiding in a cave, guarded by skeletons, i managed to steal them and run out, but the the wolves found me...What are you?, you dont seem hostile", Danara smiled kindly to the boy. "We are bludgeons, our kind is an ancient one, we are leaving theese lands. You look like a brave person, i will give you a gift so you will remember us" she took a strange gold coin "It comes from our ancient capital which is unfortunately destroyed and corrupted was called Learana back then" she gave him the coin. the boy nodded "Thanks ancient ones...I am Holden, come with me to Helena, i am sure we can give you passage and shelter" Danara reluctantly agreed, and the caravan was led by Holden to Helena.

Once they arrived the guards almost killed them but were stopped by Holden, after talking for a few minutes, the guards agreed to allow them to pass through and also gave them advices on how to cope with the plains of Daragoth. After a few hours they began travelling. After being attacked by both trolls and orcs, they made another makeshift camp for the night. Danara slept uneasy. she dreamt about an ancient bludgeon, suddenly he spoke to her "Beware... for death will follow you... Go to the coast... Build your destiny, or else they will" suddenly she could see alot of corrupted red eyed bludgeons with horrific demonic weapons tracking them. She awakened, and woke the whole camp and convinced them to move"Bludgeons Demons and Wretched are travking us...we must move faster if we are to make it!".The next day Danara was greeted by Melanara, a young bludgeon female she befriended during thoose days of travelling, and was even allowed to shoot with the golden eye, her legendary bow. The lack of sleep made them weak and uneasy. But finally they arrived to the sea. Danara and Melanara both stood and watched the sea.
Danara pointed out there "That is our destiny, that is where we must lead our people!"
Melanara nodded "I prefer home."

Chapter 3: A new world

Chapter 4: Lord Iposatu


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You start in the tunnels from Challs, and move towards the palace of the great demon bludgeon capital Nashalrath to face Hashalgath, their evil king (Note: Demon Bludgeons, because normal bludgeons do not exist here, except for a ghost i was planning to use as a questgiver telling you about the lore and asking you to kill Hashalgath, and let their ancient capital Learana(old name of Nashalrath)...
This is from the Nashalrath thread. :D

Also, moar bludgeon story plez. :mrgreen:


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The three shaped the world, Pathos returned during the Loreldian War, effectively ending it.