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Jul 7, 2011
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The VHLT feature I just tested is so spectacular, I just had to make a separate thread.

Just click on:
picture 01
picture 02

It's just a cliff face made out of triangular-based-prism terrain (all worldbrushes), but the BSP cutting in the second picture is perfect. It's a shame imgur's horrible JPG comparison killed the red text, but the wpoly count in the first pic is 294 and in the second pic it's 209 -- a massive improvement (I still have the original PNG images with readable text for those who don't believe this claim).

How? In the first picture, all non-visible cliff faces are textured in NULL, like mappers generally do. In the second picture, however, all non-visible cliff faces (except the back faces) are textured in SOLIDHINT. The back faces are still textured in NULL.

Summary of this thread: SOLIDHINT is amazing!

Edit: Interestingly enough, the first version of the map (where I used NULL) has a "Leaf portal saw into leaf" error... And here I was, exclaiming in the other thread that VHLT never did that. Shows what I know :p
The SOLIDHINT compile does not have said error though! The compile was also faster and the map size is 279 kB versus 290 kB for the NULL-version.

Comparison summary
NULL compile versus SOLIDHINT compile
294 wpoly versus 209 wpoly rendered from a specific point
0.14 seconds versus 0.15 seconds for CSG (difference is negligible)
0.29 seconds versus 0.29 seconds for BSP
1.47 seconds (and a disgusting leafportal error) versus 0.31 seconds
5.93 seconds versus 3.97 seconds