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So far from what I've experienced.

Discussion in 'MS:Continued Discussions' started by bowlin12, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. bowlin12

    bowlin12 Adventurer

    Oct 12, 2017
    So far from what I've experienced this game is absolutely amazing. I played this mod years ago and only reached a measly level of 5 before continuing on sven coop or whatever was the current mod to play at the time. I've barely scratched the surface of this mod now but what I've uncovered is incredible for a half life mod. This game reminds me of Arx Fatalis, Everquest, and RPGs of old, yet this seems to have more content than most games I see currently released. I don't understand the inner-workings of steam and how to get games on there but if you were to bundle this up as a standalone title I'd buy it for 10-30 dollars. I really hope you guys continue on this and don't worry about going to the source engine (I briefly followed mss) because a lot of the games charm is it's graphics. Following quests and exploring the new maps brings me back years ago filling my brain with nostalgia of old games.

    Love what you guys did with the game, I'm gonna continue exploring and maybe bring a friend along for the journey.
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  2. Malachite

    Malachite Adventurer Heroes of Dawn

    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
    That's good to hear, that's what I believe, we are all in this for..

    Master Sword: Continued is a great game and has filled the gap for me when I had no other games to play.. and yes, it is quite the unique RPG indeed. Moreso in the Half Life 1, Goldsrc engine. Keep playing when you have the chance, we need to keep this game alive for long as we can bear it in our sanity.. (lol..) and I am glad to see many waves of new players come and go, and simply return when they want to get the unique feel and lore of the game we all love and cherish.

    Keep going, max out your character to be one of the no-lifers like us! :p
  3. zeus9860

    zeus9860 Adventurer Crusaders Blades of Urdual The True Followers of the Lost

    Feb 28, 2008
    I don't mind paying for a game like this but i would rather see it optional as a donation feature. People who really enjoy the mod will dish out money eventually. Even more so if the mod is kept alive longer with community created content (implying the lore is done first, which is one of the main reasons why its derailed this far).

    The main reason why this RPG is attractive to some of us, it is simply related to the engine itself. I grew up playing in goldsrc engine, playing all these different mods back then, alot of them being active years ago. It was good times. I tried to replicate this same feeling with source, but it doesn't work. Doesn't have the same charm.

    It's those things you grow up with, that you get attached to the mostly.

    CS 1.6

    I always have these games/mods installed no matter what. Even if i don't play them for years/months, i always like to check out old stuff that i used to mess around with. New games be like, installed for a month tops, beat it and remove it.
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