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    Both of them? And only "mostly" by himself, so I heard.
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    [WiP] Dessert themed temple

    I was happy when I read the title, but when I saw the pictures, no ice cream... no cakes... A piece of me died that moment. But suddenly I realized an amazing artistic talent coming from a new fresh mapper and that dead part of me "sprung'd" to life. You are way better than I was when I...
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    Half-Life 1 Alpha has been released.

    And they never fixxered the lighting for water... Its the same water... :(
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    That moment when you

    I'm pregnant.
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    It was a monday. ... ure=relmfu
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    Which part?
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    Skrillex I think this explains our situation.
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    I didn't say that fame was equivalent to skill, I was just saying that when he was introduced on these forums he was rocking 6 digit views, and now he has 8 to 9. The whole reason I necro posted was because I was sure I had heard of skrillex like almost a year before he was super big and people...
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    Dear Thothie,

    I would have to say that the only aspect of the game that I really dislike is the massive quantity of grinding. It would be a lot more interesting if you felt like you were really achieving something. A great example of one of my favorite parts of the game was getting the ring, charging it...
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    Necro post just to say... Ha... HA! Look how this ended. He was once not super famous when it was posted, and now he is crazy famous.
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    Dear Thothie,

    Would it be possible to add a system in MSC for certain dungeons to have dungeon challenges where you can only use one specific weapon type and gain bonus exp in that type for that dungeon? Say it is a dungeon with Weapon Challenge: Daggers and you can only use daggers but you get 1.20x exp...
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    Server wide NPC auction house

    I actually like this idea, for most lowbies it'd make money have a greater importance, but for the people with everything already... Gold would be a vanity number.
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    The Topic of Child Abuse

    I feel like the only reason this is an issue is because parents don't understand how to properly punish a child either physically or verbally. It isn't abuse when done right in either case and it can totally help a kid to understand consequences. When I go to the store and kids are screaming...
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    That song could have made so many decent rhymes but they avoided them almost intentionally. Cute concept though.
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