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    Abandoned [WIP] Archives - These Maps Need Mappers!

    I'd like to adopt the water temple. It, however, will not keep its current aesthetic. I want to turn it into a blood/flesh temple
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    Current Development Status Quo

    Yes, please stick with the goldsource engine. The c++ side could always use someone proficient in there. Scripts are pretty powerful too, in my opinion.
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    I don't understand $cone_dot()

    I don't understand the explanation for what cone_dot does. From what I gather, it assumes the cone is a "view point", and returns -1 to 1 depending on how far off the point is from the center of the cone's view? I, however, don't understand what the numbers -1 to 1 indicates, as far as the point...
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    Possibility of $within_cylinder()?

    Is it possible to get a script function to return if an entity is within a cylinder? Similar to $within_cone, I'd like it to have the params, <test_origin>,<cylinder_origin>,<cylinder_angles>,<cylinder_length>,<cylinder_radius>. Would this be possible? Or is there a way to hack it with the...
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    What's up with the crazy number of bots?
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    Dwarves still not patched out?

    How do I delete other peoples posts
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    Map Change Error @ Edana Sewers

    Wanna make sure you downloaded the game correctly, this seems like something that'd happen if you installed things incorrectly. If you haven't, download and run these IN ORDER: Master Sword Continued - Full Installer Master Sword Continued - Updater Kroush Map Thornlands North Gertenheld Crypt...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    I'm sorry too for being so hard on you.
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    oh totally read your post wrong, didn't mean to leave it like that Sorry
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    [a rather critical award that should be in a rather difficult to reach place, isn't.] willpower +0.1
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    Father Brandon/GuttyKreum Art Appreciation

    I wanted to make this mostly to congratulate Father Brandon on their art that recently went big on Twitter: 空: 3 PM Ishinomaki But I also want to appreciate their art, as I think it's underappreciated スイレン (Water Lilly)...
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    Man in Black's Journal

    The following should be fixed: Ice bow still doesn't properly give its cold resistance the first time you draw it in a map.* Heavy/Light Crossbow jamming when firing Otherwise the list is pretty accurate The OTHER to-do list, however, I dunno if Thothie kept an updated version of it
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    Man in Black's Journal

    I recall having fixed this already.
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    I can't create a character

    Make sure you have the game installed correctly. Download and install Master Sword Continued - Full FIRST Then download and install Master Sword Continued - Updater SECOND Then download and install Kroush Map THIRD For Kroush map, unzip it into your steamapps/common/Half-Life/msc. Doing any...