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    The Dragonknights {36} (Outdated)

    Both confirmed are officially in tDK. Still have to get ahold of mardrago
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    The Dragonknights {36} (Outdated)

    You were actually serious? LOL I'll try to get back online in MSC to invite both of ya
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    as far as I remember, atleast for Source related things, cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate cl_interp rate were the only important ones. Also for my experience having more than 200 FPS lags MSC to death, so one shouldn't set the FPS too high, I think i capped mine at 150 for smooth experience
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    What happened to the bow?

    You get used to it. I recently made a new char and had no problems whatsoever, that is because I'll always remember how shitty they are and how to aim with them. Primarily because I love bows the most. But as my previous posters said, Wooden and Elven Bow are the best bows to go for.
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    Diminished stun

    What about the effect on the cleicert skele's? You could rig the design of that into something close to the red circle, would be the easiest fix in my eyes
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    Mouse Troubles

    I have that issue on my laptop aswell, but i fixxed it by using m_rawinput 0 to 1 to 0 and never had any issues till i had to restart the game (Well then...)
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    Out of Memory, couldn't allocate new block

    I pretty much think everyone has that problem somewhat, atleast I have it too and it doesn't bother me as much as im kinda used to some pop-up error. I dont have any issues whatsoever selecting my characters
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    Security Certificate Expired

    Had a popup but could just ignore it whatsoever, Opera wins :p
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    Suggestion/Rant about Golden Platemail Helmet

    Totally agree, even tho it's been years and everyone knows about it. As most people are slowly progressing to max out, they tend to customize their characters alot for "style" (Which in my case is Gladiator Armor and Strawhat). Going for a gold-themed style there should also be a golden helmet...
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    Character Transfer Requests (old)

    From Acc: STEAM_0:1:3722134 To Acc: STEAM_0:1:3695755 Got a new main Acc as my old has been received by their rightful owner, all chars transfert tho
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    Bug Reports FEB2015d

    Having 0 EXP to level up and slaying an Target with no EXP still levels up, because there is no required exp. Just start a new Character and kill a Commoner, you will see what I mean. (Obv no Power level because of 0 exp) That "bug" has been existing ever since I played
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    And I think you even had the 22000th Post in this Area, congratulations you won a piece of air :shock: Nvm should browse the forums before posting anything but whatever you still deserve ^
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    Re: Someone test this for me.... Why even bother discussing the exact release date? If it could had been released kinda today, makes it even better to know it will get released pretty soon. Even after that year of waiting for a new Patch we finally know that its just a few hours away. I don't...
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    Maps needed for Initial Release

    Maybe a little update which hasn't been published yet occured, so there might be a piece of the interface etc already, who knows (except for the dev >.<)