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    [WiP] Hemlock

    Looks really nice :D
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    Proof that the Mastersword Series is dying.

    Cant tell if srs
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    A little humor for you guys

    This list was made circa 2008. Thothie, you should add a page to the homepage with all those photos. Would be lols.
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    A little humor for you guys

    I'm glad to hear Isle is still played. I had a lot of fun mapping it. I wouldn't mind coming back to it and making it a little less blocky :D hangout was an edana style map I had worked on to create a space for players to chill on. I started development but attempted to move onto source dev...
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    A little humor for you guys

    Glad to see there's still some activity here. I know I've been MIA for years and years now. Sadly, it hasn't been due to any map dev. Rather graduating uni and starting the cubical life. I was looking through an old external hdd and found something that was going to be a secret with the last map...
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    What is the development history of master sword?

    And then, for the briefest of time, MSC/MSS caught the eye of the renown mapper Rickler, who created mind blowing maps, eventually offering his hand in MSS development.
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    Proof that the Mastersword Series is dying.

    > Go to reddit There's your problem :roll:
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    [WiP] Dessert themed temple

    Hey man, great start. Some of the larger areas have textures that look skewed- have you tried doing a combination of mountain rocks? Using two similar textures would give it a more realistic look and save you from stretching them out.
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    Idemark's Tower

    Looks really good man. Keep it up
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    Source Shut Down

    The reason I suggested a separate forum is because before we had different subforums pretty much how these boards are laid out for MSC. Sections for each of the different user created content. Here there is Source Discussion board and that's it.
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    Concept Maps

    Does anyone draw concept maps? Just wondering D:
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    Source Shut Down

    Yeah, but Crazy, if devs only have this source subforum to work with, it's going to be one hell of a clusterf*ck. I Don't see why we dont just get a free forum board in the meantime until the mod gets a site up and going again. At least that way we have a way to organize our thoughts and...
  13. C is down?

    Source team got consolidated to MSC??? Time to get back mapping into both MSS and MSC lol. Been too long!
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    Fallout 3

    My favorite game. Love to scavenge lol. There is so much to do and the Broken Steel expansion has some cool fight sequences
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    Idemark's Tower

    Keep it up this is looking cool. I'd stretch the water out a little bit more though (waterfall pic)