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Dec 30, 2009
:oldshock: LEFTCLICK VIEW IMAGES LEFT CLICK VIEW IMAGES :oldshock: I'll be updating this when i feel like it.

Aight, decided to share some little tricks to get some people started.


Let's say i want to make a firearmor but i have no idea what to begin with, a good way to get yourself started is finding a firepattern / filterraping one yourself. I'm gonna be lazy and google "fire texture." (Obviously this works with all kinds of textures, from bricks to ice , from flesh to cake textures)

I like the look of this one

Aight, open the armor template. You can extract it with hl model viewer. (or get it from the forums durrr)

Now, paste the fire as a new layer on top of the armor texture( set it to rgb first ).

Like this :

Then simply click "fx" , (under the background layer, right, low corner) And set the fire layers mode to "OVERLAY". You can mess around and explore the other options too.

You're pretty much done, cept you should pick a texture with no black in it cause black tends to look pretty bad when set to overlay. same with white. Result :


more examples what you can do with overlays:

Oh and by the way, remove the layer parts on the hands. i forgot to. Then just flatten them and edit whatever you like.


Select the brush tool and set the mode to "transparent red spray"

Set the opacity to 25% and flow to 100% , and pick the color you like. I'll be using green.

Now select the area you wish to to paint.

Now slide the brush tool over the area few times, till you find the color you like. Because the opacity is 25% , only slide it max 4 times over it, or it will start looking bad. Start from the top / a corner / etc etc if you want a cool fade-ish effect.

Colouring it BLACK. (Cause color replacement wont work)

Do the same as above expect pick black and set the opacity to about 30. This depends on how bright the texture is, select the area you wish to paint like this:

And just use the brush tool to colour it black again. If you think it's not black enough, you can go to hue/saturation and set the saturation to 0 and mess with the darkness.

Examples done with airbrush and painting blabla :

- Sorry, sold my steam account, no more tutorials. bye. :evil:


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Feb 28, 2008
god damn, i wouldn't mind using a skin like that with the PA. :eek: