The Gateway


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Aug 28, 2004

The Gateway part 1

"In a long forgotten past"

The figure stood beside a strange artifact with a woman, he was writing something..Writing on a rock beside him, it was a warning for the future generations.

"Thoranduril felt a power,
growing inside his land,
in his hand he held a flower,
and the flower burned his hand.

Then he knew as we know now,
that power lies in the world,
a heartbeat of souls, a secret vow,
the power of fate unfurreled.

Power corrupts the ambitious ones,
limitless power in the hands of thousands,
eternal chaos unfurreled "

The rock then vanished "It is on the surface now...The warning has been given."
The figure then donned his yellow robe and clenched his staff in his hands as the female spoke to him.
She was suffering "Don't do it my love, please!...Don't leave me Thoranduril!" However the figure simply stated "It has to be done Eryala, this is all my fault, I started this...Leann is no longer safe, they are consumed with power and greed" as he spoke those words the ground shook and everything around them started to collapse. In a bright flash, the figure was gone and all that remained was Eryala who decided to hide the secrets left behind forever by burying them.

"200 years ago"

A runner ran through a large hall of marble leading into a giant ornate round room with a dome ceiling and a big throne where the king sat. "My king!" he yelled in a mildly exhausted voice. King Hashalgath looked at him "What is it runner?"
"The city...Its sinking!, We cannot even see the surface from the tallest tower!" Hashalgath stood up "Impossible!, how can the city sink?! any word from the master?" The runner shook his head "Before the city sank the master was making an attack on Kray Eldorad, we know nothing more". In a fit of rage Hashalgath cleaved him with his axe and kicked his body "Imbecile.."

The king then turned to an advisor standing close to him "Call the council, we must find a solution now." The advisor took a large horn and blew into it. The sound of the horn rung in the ancient halls. After a few minutes three individuals bearing hoods appeared. Hashalgath rose and spoke to them "Welcome, This runner.." Hashalgath glanced at the bloody mess on the floor "He has told me that the city is sinking and the master is still not communicating. It has been weeks now, he claimed the surface cannot be seen from the tallest tower, what do you suggest I do?" The councilmen sat down and conversed for some time. One of them then finally lifted his head and said "We must await words from the master, and dig our way to the surface it is the only way. The king glared at him "We are warriors not mere laborers!" the councilman was adamant however "My king there is no other way" The king reluctantly resigned and ordered his men to dig.

"Two years later"

"My king!" a runner approached the large dome room. Hashalgath barely noticed him "Yes?"
"We have found something amazing!, its a room with some magical artifact!" Hashalgath stood up "Take me there", the runner led him through a large crude tunnel resembling a mine until they reached a giant wall with a hole in. Hashalgath entered and was stunned by the sight. A giant artifact with several pillars connected to some odd gateways on the wall through what appears to be a black rope. Several scholars were already studying the device. Hashalgath walked up to them "Any progress?" The scholars nodded "Yes we believe we have found a way to activate the device" Hashalgath nodded "Please do so then" By each pillar a scholar placed himself and started to chant, suddenly the gateways started to glow and an odd red tunnel appeared inside the gateways. One of the scholars walked up to the tunnel to take a look at it when a strange creature resembling a piece of goo with wings came out of the portal and ripped him apart. Hundreds of those creatures suddenly poured out of the gateway. Hashalgath immediately yelled "Shut it down!, shut it down!" but it was too late. Hashalgath and the other had to evacuate the room and immediately seal the hole in the wall. They made their way back to the city, after which Hashalgath ordered the magicians to collapse the tunnel by causing an earthquake.
The Earthquake had the unfortunate side effect of collapsing large parts of the city itself.
Believing the threat had been extinguished Hashalgath ordered the digging operations to resume.

"50 years later"

The tunnels were getting closer to the surface.
Hashalgath was sitting in his chamber meditating when suddenly the floor burst and the horrors brought forth by the artifact poured into the room. Hashalgath immediately called his guards, the creatures were defeated but more kept appearing. Hashalgath retreated deeper into the city and rallied his army to fight the nightmarish invaders.
The situation was stable as Hashalgath's soldiers were strong but the invaders kept pouring out of that portal, the same could not be said for Hashalgath's soldiers.

"145 years later"
After over a century of battle the legions of Hashalgath were reduced to a mere hundred men, and the invaders kept pouring out, Hashalgath ordered all back to the city for the last stand, it was a shame because the diggers has finally found a way out, the Halls of Carthane, but the king's will must be followed.

And thus it came to pass that Hashalgath's people were about to die and the way to the once forgotten city of Nashalrath was open. What secrets lie in the depth of the city?


The True Followers of the Lost
MSR Developer
Mar 6, 2010
At least you took the time to write all of this out, good job! Unfortunately it is riddled with grammatical errors, and insufficient backstory. You just kind of threw the reader into different "exciting" events, with no real reason for it. Also in the end the only feasible connection to Master Sword is a tossed in finding of the Halls of Carthane. This could be developed into a story, but hardly an addition to the lore.


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Aug 28, 2004
Its not really "lore"
Its more of a backstory for the Nashalrath map leading into the Netherworld.
There are more connections than that. Malgoriand's defeat in the Blood War for instance.
I never intended to replace Lanethan with this story.
As for the errors, sorry English is not my primary language.