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"see" in some old scripts

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by greatguys1, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. greatguys1

    greatguys1 Renowned Adventurer Developer Warriors of the North

    Apr 20, 2013
    In looking through deralia/innkeeper, and I see,
        repeatdelay 2
        if CANCHAT isnot 0
        see player 180
        callevent say_hi
        calleventtimed 20 chatreset 
    What does "see" do?
  2. Thothie

    Thothie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Developer

    Apr 8, 2005
    Looking at the code, I'm actually not entirely sure. Certainly depreciated, as I don't think it's parsing the params, but it is accepting it, and always returning "2".

    Originally, I think it was intended to act as a conditional - only continue if it saw a player within 180 units or degrees of vision (not sure which), but I'd have to look at some pre-Steam MS code to find out.

    These days, all NPCs have 180 degrees of vision, as other settings tend to cause brain death. If you wanted a conditional where they'd only react upon seeing a character within a certain range, you'd use:
    if $cansee(player,256)
    (So as to not pass this line if it can't see a player within 256 units.)

    Whenever $cansee() is invoked and true, it stores in ent_lastseen. Dun think the same is true of the "see" command.

    If you wanted to restrict the FOV reaction to less than 180 degrees, you'd use a $within_cone2D() test after. Replace $cansee() with $get_tsphere() for 360 vision, followed by a cone test for 181-359.

    Mind, $get_tsphere is more reliable than $cansee, and ignores walls, but also a lot more resource intensive - so the hunt cycle uses $cansee every think frame, while most "idle and waiting" NPC's use $get_tsphere or getplayers every full second or so.

    Here's the odd code for it:
    int CMSMonster::Script_ParseLine( CScript *Script, msstring_ref pszCommandLine, scriptcmd_t &Cmd )
    	msstring CmdName = msstring(pszCommandLine).thru_char( SKIP_STR );
    	if( !stricmp(CmdName.c_str(),	"see"	) )
    		Cmd.m_NewConditional = false;
    		return 2;
    	return IScripted::Script_ParseLine( Script, pszCommandLine, Cmd );
    "look" is a related depreciated command you might see here and there. Forces mob to store all enemy targets within 1024 units in a list which it doesn't really seem to use anymore.
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