"see" in some old scripts


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Apr 20, 2013
In looking through deralia/innkeeper, and I see,
    repeatdelay 2

    if CANCHAT isnot 0
    see player 180

    callevent say_hi
    calleventtimed 20 chatreset 
What does "see" do?


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Apr 8, 2005
Looking at the code, I'm actually not entirely sure. Certainly depreciated, as I don't think it's parsing the params, but it is accepting it, and always returning "2".

Originally, I think it was intended to act as a conditional - only continue if it saw a player within 180 units or degrees of vision (not sure which), but I'd have to look at some pre-Steam MS code to find out.

These days, all NPCs have 180 degrees of vision, as other settings tend to cause brain death. If you wanted a conditional where they'd only react upon seeing a character within a certain range, you'd use:
if $cansee(player,256)
(So as to not pass this line if it can't see a player within 256 units.)

Whenever $cansee() is invoked and true, it stores in ent_lastseen. Dun think the same is true of the "see" command.

If you wanted to restrict the FOV reaction to less than 180 degrees, you'd use a $within_cone2D() test after. Replace $cansee() with $get_tsphere() for 360 vision, followed by a cone test for 181-359.

Mind, $get_tsphere is more reliable than $cansee, and ignores walls, but also a lot more resource intensive - so the hunt cycle uses $cansee every think frame, while most "idle and waiting" NPC's use $get_tsphere or getplayers every full second or so.

Here's the odd code for it:
int CMSMonster::Script_ParseLine( CScript *Script, msstring_ref pszCommandLine, scriptcmd_t &Cmd )
	msstring CmdName = msstring(pszCommandLine).thru_char( SKIP_STR );
	if( !stricmp(CmdName.c_str(),	"see"	) )
		Cmd.m_NewConditional = false;
		return 2;

	return IScripted::Script_ParseLine( Script, pszCommandLine, Cmd );
"look" is a related depreciated command you might see here and there. Forces mob to store all enemy targets within 1024 units in a list which it doesn't really seem to use anymore.