Scrolls disappearing from inventory


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Jul 29, 2017

In the last week or so a Blizzard scroll previously in my spellbook was gone when I connected to a server. Someone tried to give me a new copy and I noticed it did not show up in my inventory when picked up.

Last night a server crashed, and now I am playing again, but the second-level poison spell I had (acid blast or bolt?) disappeared as well.

How can this be fixed? Thanks.


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Feb 28, 2008
Hey, when you get items from other players, always put them in your hands before going into your bag. Items get registered to your character if you put them in your hands. Fail to do so and the next time you load your character, you will be missing whatever was given to you previously.

Also scrolls going poof on server crash is a common occurance. I lost a few scrolls myself to that, mostly healing circles, since it's the only scroll spell that i use frequently. To recover this item you would have to rollback to a date prior to loosing it, meaning all the progress done from the moment you lost the scroll untill now will be erased aswell.

You might better off getting a new one rather than rolling back, unless you haven't played that much lately and the rollback is actually a good thing to do. Also in order to rollback characters, you need to post your ingame steam id (status in console while ingame, copy paste the line with your name), character slot (1-2-3 on screen), time to rollback to (with a timezone included) and a reason (bug, data corruption, item going poof, etc).

Also additional information on the rollbacks, you must not play on the character you requested a rollback for, if you are playing with it and the rollback is done, nothing will occur to the character. FN backs up your character every 4 hours and to request a rollback go here: