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Feb 2, 2007
A few of us have been playing quite a lot recently, typically we have 3-5 players on at a time. It's been fun running maps with them but we do get a lot of duplicate drops. Like most people, we do throw a lot of these drops away immediately or keep them long enough to gi---- throw them away when a new player is near. How about another use for all these duplicates?

For people who like to play games with goals of collecting items or playing 100% how about a sort of collection log where you can convert the drops you get to fill up a log for bonuses or rewards. I haven't really thought of how to organize it but likely would be based on what level the weapon/armour is or special categories? A lot of different and unique logs could be thought up.

Here are some examples: Some with generic names others with fun names I guess.

The_Wall Log
(All the wall items from the Dwarf)

The_Keep Log
(All the unique weapons from the Bandit leaders)

(All weapons that life steal)

Well Armoured
(All Plate Armour)

Fast Traveller
(Collect a Speed Potion, Raven Mace, Ice Staff)

Unique Items
(Collect odd/unique items like magical firewood, the portrait that drops in Lostcastle, Hawk feather)

Crest Log
(Collect each of the town crests)

Dwarven Frustration
(Collect a Golden Axe, A Broken Axe Hilt, Unbreakable Golden Axe)

The Summoner
(Collect all Summoning Scrolls AND Tomes)

Of course, some items wouldn't be appropriate so excluding them is fine. With the game continuing development, lists can be made that use the current items or lists can be made that will be updated as newer items are released? Maybe a combination of the two? Anyway, any comments?


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Mar 12, 2011
The Useless
(Collect Nova Blade, Phlames Staff and Volcano Scroll/Tome)
Cool idea overall
Even though I think most items need tweaking, before just turning them into a tick on a checklist.


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Feb 28, 2008
That seems like alot of data to keep track of, potentially. I wonder if it is a good idea to implement such a thing into ms:c given its current state... Not that the idea is bad by itself, i do enjoy seeing collection pages in games, i just have a feeling it would not work out that simple in ms:c, without breaking the game completly (eg: overflow madness to be expected from something like this but i could be wrong).

One easy way to get rid of duplicates that would otherwise be pitted into oblivion, is to turn them into consumables for another type of item in the game, lets say that a new type of item is introduced into the game and is magic based or something like that. The items main functionality is based on "charge energy", so once this energy depletes, the item either reverts back to a weak state that sucks ass or a state that you cannot use anymore untill you charge it again. With something like this in mind, all items that could be used to charge these specific items, would now have a purpose in the game. These items can be anything really, from weapons, to armour or jewelry. Whatever crosses your mind. Now that i think of it, i think runescape used this approach with some of the higher tier items in the game, but their system often sucked ass since it would imply crafting materials or equal gear to the one you wanted to charge = more charges for your equipped gear which is the same as the one being sacrificed. Which beats the purpose of eliminating duplicates entirelly as it is focused to specific items and limited ways.

I would suggest forging, but this one is not really a long term solution to the problem, as the most accessible forge items have the tendency to become abundant if given enough time (and with enough people playing the game). Which is the current case with all forge items except for like two of them (with one of these two being more based on RNG than anything else, the other one is simply a pain in the ass due to the lame questing ideology behind it).


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Apr 8, 2005
Bank will be expanding quite a bit, so you'll have more room... Might be something to consider for the item mod system - though it'd be complicated to rig up, lest I just maybe let you convert items to Loreldian Dust in a grinder of some sort by value/level/existing mods. Ways away though (cannot do anything invasive until Svencoop - patch after next, bleh - getting hobbled by string space is holding up the current patch as it is).