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Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
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Feb 28, 2008
The following is a series of changelogs starting from MAY2006 and continuing to the current public release. Some links in older changelogs maybe unavailable, and the formatting may not always be consistent. New changelogs will be added here as they occur, in addition to the beta-pack news thread.

There were a few patches before May 2006, but they were mostly centered around fixing technical issues (including a memory leak) without any changes to actual game play nor expansion of the world. Seems there's no surviving record of the exact changes involved in those few patches. Versions of Master Sword predating January 2005 are "Pre-Continued" and thus not included (ie. MS 1.35). I would like to get together a better history of the game though, as it goes as far back as 1998.

(Let's all thank Zeus for getting this put together.)

May 15th 2006 Public Changelog

Fixed chance to spawn certain higher level items
Modified the way riddle masters respond to player
Fixed Calrian's attack range
Fixed plains of daragoth
Fixed inability to take from daragoth chests
Unlinked basement and goblin chest
Fixed some speech issues in Deralia
Fixed some quests in edana
Fixed edanasewers
Fixed some gatecity script issues
Fixed some goblintown script issues
Fixed helena economy isue
Helena guards now respond to attacks
Fixed some mistakes in the help boxes
Fixed Heras quest
Fixed knight's armor
Modified mana potion costs
Modified erratic lightning
Fixed damage association error with some burning weapons
Modified glow spell
Fixed multiple keledros issues
Modified bandit exp
Modified animated armor's difficulty
Modified venomous spider's difficulty
Fixed some skeletons
Fixed the chests in mscave
Disabled bankers until a fix is found
Fixed sfor chest
Changed starting spell
Fixed some awkwardness with summoned monsters
Fixed the troll
Fixed the giant spider in the thornlands
Fixed summoned creatures spawning in walls
Sitting heals mana
Fixed Deralia
Fixed Proffund
Fixed and tweaked goblin guards
Tweaked night system - Expierimental
Made torches more effective at night - Expierimental
Added more items to the traveling merchant's store
Fixed the script error with helena/weapstore
Tweaked night system again
Minor tweaks with a bunch of things
Can no longer pick up goblin stones
Catapault script added (other/catapault) - fire the events "OneBalls" and "FiveBalls" to make it launch

Script by script:

sv_world_vote - removed respawn on time vote to prevent 'big wad of players' stuck together

New/Fixed/Returning Monsters
monsters/anim_warrior2 - Infernal Animated Armor New mean guards for Keledros
monsters/bear_cub_polar - 100% ready to roll
monsters/bear_giant_black - 100% ready to roll
monsters/bear_giant_brown - Is right Color
monsters/bear_giant_polar - 100% ready to roll
monsters/cobra - 100% ready to roll (non-agro less attacked)
monsters/dragonfly - Good to go, but ignores monster clips
monsters/giantspider - can attack now (mean SOB too)
monsters/grizzly - Nastah bear
monsters/kodiak - REALLY nastah bear!
monsters/lan_skeleton - Maldora's chatty minions return
monsters/lanskeleton - Some meaner than others
monsters/lslime - Now with animations and sound, shocking! :)
monsters/orc_unarmed - Unarmed orc, ala good old scream2 [ catches two developer ms_npcscript events: superorc godoff ]
monsters/scorpion3 - Can attack now, added % chance to sting you with poison
monsters/troll_ice - The mighty ice troll is ready to roll
helena/orcwarboss - Graznux the Warbozz is back! [ catches ms_npcscript events: warboss_godon warboss_godoff warboss_infernal warboss_normal ]
sfor/atholo - Atholo is mean, undead, and 100% ready to roll [ catches ms_npcscript event: vulnerable ]
sfor/undamael - [is acutally Atholo under original naming convention]
sfor/undamael2 - Undamael returns [ catches ms_npcscript event: vulnerable ]
other/rock - It's a rock! (Now with proper hit box, and vanishes instantly on break)
a3/bookbat - Now spawns lesser fire bat (as opposed to nothing at all)
mscave/Shadahar - Yet more nasties of the undead, ready to go
heras/GhorAsh - and yet another...
keledrosprelude/stonespider - attacks, and may even kick your ass - maybe even into a hole
keledrosruins/keledros - no more brain death for me, hopefully, plus I hired better guards.
dq/murmur - yet another, really mean bear (although, not quite what he once was)
dq/voldar - Former head of the black hand orc clan
dq/voldarwarrior - ...And his poisoned blades
minibosses/bloodreaver - Big, nasty, angry, skeleton boss
minibosses/bloodreaverminion - His flaming minions
minibosses/flesheater - He desires your flesh ^_^
minibosses/flesheaterminion - The bossez flesh delivery service

NPC edits:
helena/archer - now fights back when players attack, and doesn't go brain dead after first orc kill
helena/blacksmith - moved to invincible, bails when orcs invade (otherwise can't leave his anvil)
helena/erkold - runs when struck
helena/harry - anim fix
helena/memorialguard - now fights back when players attack, and doesn't go brain dead after first orc kill
helena/towerarcher - # arrow dropped fixed (not sure why I bothered)
helena/vendor - #arrow groupings and various items
helena/vendor8 - #arrow groupings and various items
mscave/pillar - No more crashiness, quest works
deralia/barguy - Quest now 100%
deralia/guard - attacks without BD
deralia/guard_barracks - ditto
deralia/guard_gate - ditto
deralia/hmaster - ditto
deralia/knight_lord - Can hit now, and is one mean mofo
deralia/pat - Quest now 100%
deralia/Slinker - Quest now 100%
deralia/thief - Fights back, changes name on discovery, no longer walking pot of free cash
edana/masterp - Has new quest, good luck finding it. :)

Modified Items
items/armor_base - part of failed efforts to fix armor view bug listed in here (no actual changes currently in effect)
items/armor_dark - part of failed efforts to fix armor view bug listed in here (ditto)
items/armor_helm_mongol - fixed description
items/axes_scythe - Attempted to fix reach - seems the model itself is the problem though :\
items/base_scroll - Disambiguation over concentration ;)
items/blunt_calrianmace - Uses proper view model now (will eventually swap Granite and Claruin mace stats)
items/blunt_rustyhammer2 - Animation
items/drink_wine - You can now get drunk!
items/drink_mead - Really drunk!
items/drink_ale - Really... Reealllyly *hick* drunK!
items/item_log - And once drunk, you can start a camp fire :)
items/item_runicsymbol - Item modified for new quest
items/item_torch_light - got some buggars out of script - think radius still not increasing at night though (can't really tell on my system as I can't see it at all at night)
items/proj_arrow_bluntwooden - Grouping fix (can pull from chests now)
items/proj_arrow_broadhead - Grouping fix (can pull from chests now)
items/proj_arrow_fire - minor fixes
items/proj_arrow_fire_cl - much brighter now
items/proj_arrow_jagged - Grouping fix (can pull from chests now)
items/proj_arrow_wooden - Grouping fix (can pull from chests now)
items/proj_catapaultball - AOE should work now (untested)
items/proj_fire_dart - minor fixes
items/ring_light2 - minor fixes
items/swords_katanaX - changed names, so you know what you have, although which is best may still require testing. Also upped speed on katana4

New Items that currently work (Pending Client side patch)
items/axes_doubleaxe - Ye dwarven axe
items/axes_greataxe - Ye great axe of Graznux (He does drop this, may cause someone an issue)
items/axes_runeaxe - Hasted magic axe
items/bows_swiftbow - Ye Elven Longbow
items/crossbow_heavy - Pending model fix from Jester, untested
items/crossbow_light - Pending model fix from Jester, untested
items/crossbow_steam - Pending model fix from Jester, untested
items/proj_arrow_poison - envenomed arrows w/effect_poison
items/swords_lostblade - Hasted by ancient magics

New Effects
effects/effect_frostbite - As stun, but with light blue glow shell, works great
effects/effect_stop - Freezes you solid, untested and unapplied thus far
effects/effect_armor - ignore this, part of attempts to circumvent armor bug, not cached in /effects

Standardized chests!
chests/arrows - Ammunition
chests/bolts - Ammunition for the pending crossbows (also % of xbow inside)
chests/gold_10 - Around 10 gold, for the nubs
chests/gold_25 - Around 25 gold, a nice treat
chests/gold_50 - Around 50 gold, a fair reward
chests/gold_100 - Around 100 gold, wow nice
chests/gold_300 - Around 300 gold, holy crap epic quest
chests/health_greater_a - Health and mana resupply chests, with seperate store names so they don't stack
chests/health_greater_b - ditto
chests/health_greater_c - ditto
chests/health_lesser_a - ditto
chests/health_lesser_b - ditto
chests/health_lesser_c - ditto

mscave/map_startup - no more rain in mscaves! (hopefully)
keledrosruins/spawner_base - this is still here, but isn't really used anymore
keledrosruins/spawnerX - only spawners #1,#5,and #6 actually spawn Infernal Animated armors, atm - may change once anti-BD measures have been thoroughly tested out on his own map
monsters/attack_hack - #include script, so monsters without proper model animations can attack realistically (works very well)

Bug warnings added:

Compatibility scripts:
monsters/Copy of orcwarrior - Orc Warrior with torch, to light orcs in caves
monsters/guard2 - non-wandering orc guard
monsters/scream - Developer place holder
monsters/scream2 - See ORC_Unarmed above
helena/dorfgan - as blacksmith, but mortal
helena/OTTC1 - no GA though (as daragoth/chest_great)
worlditems/treasurechest - Still in the FGD
sfor/Copy of undamael - Undamael, just here to chat
edana/Copy of fletcher
edana/shroom - good agro monster lure

Minor fixes, Animations, Precache, Sounds, Arrow Grouping etc
monsters/bat - new death anim
monsters/fish_leech - Anims fixed
monsters/fish_shark - better FOV
monsters/giantrat - Anim fix
calruin/cavebat - new death anim (doesn't hang upside down in your face)
calruin/spidqueen - added 25-50 gold as well (as per MS 1.35's 150-300 gold)
effects/effect_burn - minor code errors
effects/effect_poison - minor code errors
mines/rudolf - hopefully no longer repeats quest on fade

Base edits:
monsters/base_monster - new DELETE_ON_DEATH option, use on monsters that drop no items to help with server lag
monsters/bat_base - Better death animations
monsters/bear_base_giant - Minor anim issues
monsters/boar_base - Minor precache issues
items/proj_base - minor fixes

New, but still buggy
monsters/bludgeon - Funny guy, jumps on your head :)

Skeletons that know how to stay dead (at least, this time around):
(just suffix any persistant skeleton with _once)

monsters/summon/rat - HP/ATK formula now based on Spell Casting Skill (since summon cant be raised)
monsters/summon/skeleton - ditto
monsters/summon/summon_blizzard - Does damage now, applies frost bite to monster hit directly, uses SC for basis for now
monsters/summon/summon_lightning_storm - Upped damage a bit
monsters/summon/summon_volcano - Nerfed, and thoroughly debugged. Damage based on Fire level. Reduced req. to SC10
items/magic_hand_blizzard - see above
items/magic_hand_fire_dart - minor fixes
items/magic_hand_ice_shield - 50% protection for 30+SC seconds for 50 mana
items/magic_hand_lightning_storm - see above
items/magic_hand_summon_base - minor error fixes
items/magic_hand_summon_rat - see above
items/magic_hand_summon_undead - see above
items/magic_hand_volcano - see above
items/scroll_xxxxxx - disambugation on all scroll script texts

New Spells (Pending Client Patch, although maybe integrated into new spell system)
items/magic_hand_fire_ball - Big nasty 256 AOE fireball 2xDart damage, effects
items/magic_hand_poison - Slowly poison your enemies to death (good for rapid SC increase)
items/proj_fire_ball - fireball's projectile

New Mapper Scripts:
- This triggers map events every hour: hour_1, hour_2, hour_3, to hour_23 and so forth.
- At hour_6, it also triggers is_dawn
- At hour_17, it also triggers is_dusk (re: sunset)
- At hour_20 it also triggers is_night
- place as an ms_npc anywhere on your map
- Can be combined with the following four scripts:
- locks the TOD at NOON
- if the hour advances more than an hour, for whatever reason, it should reset to noon within a few seconds
- must be used in conjunction with weather/timer
- weather/timer will no longer 'chime' hours when this ms_npc is present - however, it will call an event called hour_counter for each hour that would have passed were the script not active.
weather/always_dusk - as always_day, but locks the time at 17:00 (sunset)
weather/always_night - as always_night, but locks the time at midnight
weather/no_weather - kills all weather effects at the top of every hour or would be hour (untested), must be combined with weather/timer

weather/always_rain - should make it almost always rain (untested)
weather/always_snow - should make it almost always snow (untested - and I've never seen snow)
weather/make_fog - should make fog, but untested (probably wont work, may have to add to weather/timer
weather/no_rain - should disable all rain (untested)
weather/no_snow - should disable all snow (untested)
weather/sfx_weather_rain - fixed error, added flag
weather/sfx_weather_rain_storm - fixed error, added flag
weather/sfx_weather_snow - added flag

- Health regen rate is a now 5% of your maximum heal while sitting (minimum 2pts)
- Mana regen rate is a now 20% of your maximum mana while sitting (minimum 4pts)
- You cannot regen for 10 seconds (or so) after being struck.
- This means no more sitting around for hours to regen/recharge


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

May 20th 2006 Public Changelog

- Shields Work (May need some nerfing)
- Blizzard, Lightning Storm, Firewall, and Volcano all work (properly)
- New spells currently available: Poison, Fire Ball
- Blizzard Raises Ice skill, Poison Raises Affliction
- Ice shield blocks 50% of all incoming damage for ~30secs, for 50 mana - this stacks with armor and shield effects. Ice Shield also works on pets.
- Summoned pets do damage (Summoned Pets Skill is based on SC)
- Summoned pets respond to commands (hunt, follow, kill, status, vanish - and a few other commands unique to each monster) - must use NPC speak, and must be in range.
- Summoned Rats upgrade to summoned Giant Rats at SC 8 (doing something similar for skeleton later)
- All known quests should now function
- Healing rate is now 5% of your max health, 20% of your max mana per tick (minimum 2pts/4pts). This means everyone should heal at about the same rate regardless of level. Also hoping this discourages character deletes from mass potion haulers / lag from rejuv abuse. You will not be able to heal for a few moments after being struck.
- Mana pots should be more useful, though I keep forgetting to actually test that.
- Anti-spam system to prevent No Free Edict errors (refined as of 5/20)
- 99.9% MS 1.35 Compatible (note: some old MS maps also require wad files not found in MSC, and map behavior may still be quite buggy.)
- MANY bugged treasure chests fixed, there are many items out there you may have missed. (Largely due to [=>] != [>=])
- Elven swords each uniquely named (and sword_bastard, is now actually a bastard sword, instead of the weakest elven sword under the wrong name)
- Search the sewers for some new friends.

-> Beware there is an eight spell limit (working on this, may have new spell casting method entirely)

Mappers should read the full change log on the patches page. There are now time and weather control features available.

There's also a new ms.dll running on the server (hence the 'dev_h') - but there are no changes to speak of there yet - it's basically testing the recompile for solidity.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

May 22nd 2006 Public Changelog

Major changes:

The biggest change is the difference to the spell system. These defeat the eight spell limit and allow me much more freedom to add the upcoming spells...

There are now two types of spell items you can get, plus a special container called "SpellBook"

Type One: is Spell Page Scroll. These can be activated, and doing so instantly summons an effect that grants you the proper spell, if you have sufficient Spell Casting skills. Once the spell expires, the scroll returns to your inventory, and it maybe used again afer a short recharge period. Each spell sphere (ie. affliction,fire,lighting,divination,etc) has its own effect. (The fire sphere effect, maybe a little frightening)

Spell pages can be stacked in a SpellBook for easy reference. These are available at reasonable prices at most magic shops. The basic spells are also available in this form in such places - and others - at not so reasonable prices.

Type Two: Is the old style spell scroll, now called a Tome. A Tome allows you to permanently memorize the spell to your Slot #2 list, as per the old style spell system. You are still limited to eight slot #2 spells, however, you can have as many Spell Scroll Pages as you wish.

In the future, I may introduce 'one shot scrolls' (or 'expendable scrolls') which will be spell scrolls of various spells, that only allow you to cast once, and then vanish, never to return. These will, however, lack level restrictions.

There's lots of other changes, too numberous to list, but that's the big one that may need adjusting too, hopefully not too confusing... I'm open to changes/suggestions,etcs, as always.

Other minor things of interest to look at:
- Glow changes color and radius with SC level
- Increase mana consumption and healing rate of Rejuv to help reduce 'Rejuv lag'
- Fixed some problems with skeles getting stuck (at least partially)
- Icewall is almost a legitimate spell now (doesn't trap players, monsters attack it)
- Longsword/bastardsword animations more or less fixed, need to make them parry still
- You can find a dwarven axe for sale, rather easily... Bet ya can't guess where.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 02nd 2006 Public Changelog

Minor update to the server today, it only affects those of you who summong rats, and have Spell Casting above 7.

The giant rats you l337 casters summon were causing server crashes due to a boffo screw up on my part (again, why this patch is not on the main downloads page).

You *may* need to update your own sc.dll to be able to summon giant rats again without making either you or the server go *poof*.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 03rd 2006 Public Changelog

[CRASH FIX FOR KELEDROS] I've a fix for this... Not sure if you sploiters will like it though.

Seems you found a safe zone to snipe Keledros behind those pillars, and that's what uncovered this odd bug.

If Keledros spots you up there (or is up there and spots you on the floor) - he will do one of two things:
1) Throw a really nasty fireball up at you - which if yer lucky, might miss you.
2) Throw a really nasty lightning bolt up at you - which if yer lucky, you might surive. (That one, won't miss)

As a further experiment, probably a foolish one, I've given him back his summoned archers. They don't add to his threat rating much, but they do add another minor aspect to the battle. Be very careful if you go up there to take them out, lest Keledros pull out the killazap gun.

He's getting farmed so much, and has the potental to drop so many more nice things, I think it's time for an slight upgrade.

Main reason why his old summons would cause brain death so often, is because the January script system that kept them in check always let him summon at least 1 extra... And that added up after awhile.

But, if these three extra archers generate too much lag, or he does get the BD again, I'll take em out, so this is just experimental.

(On a side note, the archers work on a seperate system from the Infernal Armors - he can summon more archers before they all die - but there will never be more than three, total.)

The patch is on the beta server, and will take effect when next it restarts. It's crowded right now, so I dun wanna reset it atm... I've not uploaded this patch yet for the same reason - but it's strictly a server side update. Only people who might need it are those also running ultra-beta servers.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 11th 2006 Public Changelog

Full Keledrosprelude2 support

Keledrosprelude2 detail: Father Brandon speaks to us from beyond the grave... This expands the original map, includes a new, really nasty boss (think lvl30+), and upgrades of the two stone mini-bosses (15+/20+ respectively), you will need to kill at least one of the two to advance to Keledrosruins.

[rant]Djinn Ji-ax script was originally Father Brandon's work, so don't yell at me - although I did alter it quite a bit. He has his own frost script, which is a tad meaner than the one I developed. I also had to stick in monster spawn triggers manually via Ripent which, I must confess/complain, is a royal pain! Father Brandon apparently never learned how SpawnStart 1 works - he actually had it so the monsters were boxed, until you get near, then the monster clip deleted to set them free... Talk about lagtastic! >< Hopefully the time I spent undoing that pays off enough to make this map less laggy than the original. - I dunno if I can do the same with Daragoth, v. hard without the source. I'll see if Lord K has it.[/rant]

SC.DLL patch detail: includes new monsters, new models, new crest, a new weapon (that yes, is in the game), and the usual plifera of minor fixes.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 12th 2006 Public Changelog

For those of you running AMX and Keledrosprelude2. here's the change to the AMX voting system to allow voting for that:
(That goes in msc/addons/amx/plugins , overwrite original)

That now is included with the Keledrosprelude2 map, which has had a minor bug fix or two:
self installer: ...

Finally the SC.dll has had a v. minor update:
- Fixed summoning cap (again)
- Longsword player anims
- Djinn should no longer get stuck on own summons
- Djinn should summon ice trolls 15-30 secs apart
- Djinn a little less 'pushy' - but instead does a major launch once in awhile.
- Djinn no longer freezing people he did not hit.
- Orochi's Scimitar viewmodel now inside the dll package
- Several other minor fixes

Still working on balancing the rejuv - but dun worry... Tis not the 1hp/second I had on my server for a bit. Current system is 10+Divination Skill HP healed / Strike @ 5 mana ea. Tis still a little over-nerfed, but on the plus side, it's lag-free, so should encourage healing other players more.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 14th 2006 Public Changelog

Promised a lovely new update today... but seems my content server is temporarily down... Maybe maintance cycle... I shall try again tomorrow.

- Rejuv Boost
- New Keledros Model
- Bat Death Fixes
- Calruin Soul Sucking Bugs
- Keledros bugs
- Shaddarh Upgrade Part I
- ...other stuff.

*sigh* damn web site...


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 18th 2006 Public Changelog

Alright, *finally* got around to redoing the AI, yet again.

Skeletons seem to be very deft navigators now - orcs pretty good. It's the bats that are driving me, batty - they tend to pancake into things and get stuck on them while looking for you.

Things to look for in the AI:
- Doesn't decide you don't exist when you go behind a wall
- Realizes it's stuck on something, after awhile
- Realizes you can hit it, but it can't hit you, after a awhile (then runs away for a few seconds trying to get a better position)

Monsters can now hear by default, and monsters can retaliate, by default. So boss monsters might be less likely to stand in fire walls and minions be less likely to ignore low level players trying to XP farm them while the high end players hold em in place.

Needless to say, all of this has potential for mass bugs. So please, hit my test server, see how it goes. Make critiques there or here - I'll read the logs eventually.

Speaking of minions... Anyone notice that Maldora's aren't unholy? ... Heh... Sooo many things to fix... *sigh*

Oh, yeah - we also maybe fulfilling Mario's dearest wish in the next patch... thing that would fix a LOT of lag that Im tempted to do - but it may mess up some maps - is make monsters do NOTHING until they see a player. Reason being, is that the vast majority of the vanilla maps do not understand the concept of spawnstart 1 - and just spawn dozens of monsters all over the map, that immediately start doing dozens of checks every tenth of a second. Daragoth, Thornlands, and a few other heavy offenders are very lagtastic as a result of this.

"Decloned" Helena duplicate NPCs (name changes based on map)


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 19th 2006 Public Changelog

I made some drastic lag reduction steps... base_npc_attack.script - which every monster uses - has not one, but two procedures that repeat every 1/10th a second, one of which is rather complex. I consolidated those two under a single routine. Further, I switched it up so that it only repeats once every thee seconds, until they spot a player, at which time it switches back to every 1/10th second - but just for the monster so activated.

This may make monsters a little slower to respond to your presence, but doesn't seem too obnoxious.

Another bit that makes monsters slow to respond sometimes, is that if you go out of sight, they change their hunt method - sometimes they find you, and rub up against you for a second or two before they switch back to attack mode, I've noticed. Probably still worth it for the better hunting ability, but I will try to find away around. Note that monsters can't 'see' through each other - so this is more noticeable in monster hairballs.

Monsters will not change their cycle time for other monsters, only players, so this might help on Daragoth. There is a WHOLE lot of action going on in Daragoth you never see... Seriously, been watching the debug report where I've got monsters reporting what they are doing - it is t3h insane - goblins killing spiders, bears killing spiders, trolls killing boars - there's a full scale war the poor server is keeping track of before you ever even join the map!

Similarly, monsters will not start stuck checks before they see a player. So you *may* still occasionally see two monsters stuck together (usually due to the bjorked monsterspawn system that I've no control over) however - they should unstuck themselves pretty quick upon spotting you.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 23rd 2006 Public Changelog

Today's update includes gauntlets that add damage to MA, and hitwall sounds for most all weapons. Also (unreported) yesterday's update set the max cycle lag for monsters to 1.2 seconds or so, so hopefully mons be a bit more responsive on this update. (So far seems so.) Sadly, also means less extreme lag reduction. All this, combined with the usual fifty to sixty minor bug fixes.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 25th 2006 Public Changelog

- Fixed BD minions
- Improved advanced monster searching behavior
- Attempted to reduce monster 'hesistation' lag post advanced search
New Monster:


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

June 30th 2006 Public Changelog

Full Support for Calruin2

- New Monsters
monsters/ghoul_lesser - kewt lil ghoul
monsters/ghoul_greater - not so kewt nor lil (sry for funktastic ghoul models)
monsters/spider_turret - similar to calruin spitting spider, bit meaner, doesn't roam nor have close range attack issues

New Monster Features:
calruin/reanimate -
- Calrian's soul sucking ability is a bit less chaotic - no longer sucks the souls of dieing comrades he accidentally strikes
- May improve this a bit later to detect opponent death better / not prematurely (ie. I have some idears)
- Range reduced from insane back to semi-insane due to improved map conditions / aim checking
calruin/cavetroll -
- Blacksmith effects/behavior thogoughly revamped
- Responds to ms_npcscript events: give_clubs, invincible_on, vulnerable
monsters/troll -
- revamped all effects (required some model changes)
monsters/horror - various small improvements for the big flying machine o' death - although still need to figure a way to revamp the flight AI for all flyers.

All skeleton_base users, and the flesheater minion, now have unique submodel sets! (Thank Orochi!)

New Dwarf model! Courtesy of, he who was there at the beginning of time, Lord Lanethan himself! (PS. I notice the wandering dwarves are still using the old model, I shall fix this in the future.)

AI system control:
other/make_mons_dumb - if you have too many monsters in one place causing advanced AI brain death, spawn this as an NPC. This disables the advanced AI. This has the following effects:
> less lag reduction - once monsters cycle to high speed checks - they never revert
> monsters will not go to last spotted location when player goes out of sight
> monsters will not initiate advanced searches, at all
> monsters will not change FOV when struck (so some tend to ignore it when struck from behind)
> monsters will not change FOV when spotting a player (easily lose sight of player running circles around them)
> basically, other than the anti-stuck system, it reverts to the January 2006 AI
other/make_mons_smart - You can spawn this after the players leave the area to restore the advanced AI functions globally.

NOTE: Daragoth, orc village, is the ONLY place I've seen with so many mons in one place it requires this. On Daragoth, all monsters are now set dumb by default in the map_startup script.

Streamlined and made various improvements to the new AI. Monsters are far better at navigating around one another than they were. Still getting some hesitation though.

Key system:
other/keyhole - responds to any key and returns map event of same name as item used + a secondary event called "ustart"
- available keys:
- key_red //crimson key
- key_blue //sapphire key
- key_green //emerald key
- key_brass
- key_gold
- key_skeleton
- item_storageroomkey
- item_key_rusty
Keyholes that only respond to particular keys are on their way...

traps/volcano - spawns a big nasty volcano (lasts 30 seconds), repeatable
traps/fire_wall - spawns a big nasty firewall (lasts 15 seconds), repeatable

Reflections: setup the default reflection system for models only. (much less lag) - Go third person on Edana, and take a looksie at the glass temple floors. For mappers: There's a new texture registration called reflect_full that does what the old reflect texture did (actually seems to work a tad better).

Various elemental vulnerabilities/resistances improved

New effects: haste, blind, greater_poison

New items:
Dark Maul
Raven Lance

Rejuvenate changes: In an effort to compromise between those **** about having Rejuvenate nerfed, and those **** about it still being far too powerful, I've done two things... ONE) I've made Rejuvenate massively more powerful (even at Divination 0) and TWO) You cannot heal while being attacked (spell fizzles if you are struck).


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

July 07th 2006 Public Changelog

monsters/dwarf_zombie_unarmed - 150hp 20dmg/sec
monsters/dwarf_zombie_smallaxe - 200hp 30dmg/sec
monsters/dwarf_zombie_bigaxe - 300hp 40dmg/sec + 25% stunatk
monsters/dwarf_zombie_sword- 400hp 55dmg/sec + 15% stunatk
monsters/dwarf_zombie_random - spawns one of the four above, randomly

Added DATE console command, returns beta date being used by server - TYPE THIS BEFORE LOADING YOUR CHARACTER ON UNFAMILIAR SERVERS! (lest you lose beta-equipment due to outdated server)


Blades of Urdual
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

July 14th 2006 Public Changelog

The Marogar Ice Orc Tribe
monsters/morc_warrior - standard Marogar Warrior
monsters/morc_archer - standard Marogar Archer
monsters/morc_ranger - Marogar Ice Archer with Ice Bow
monsters/morc_icewarrior - Marogar Ice Warrior with Ice Sword
monsters/morc_chief - Talnorgah, Chief of Clan Marogar

And food for tribe:
monsters/snowboar1 - small snowboar
monsters/snowboar2 - medium snowboar
monsters/snowboar3 - omfg huge snowboar

Complete key set: (finally)
Generic keyholes:
other/keyhole - generic keyhole - takes key in, makes map event of name of key taken in, in addition to "ustart" ( so if you put in key_red - it fires "key_red" and "ustart" )
other/keyhole_return - same as generic keyhole, but returns keys used

Specific Keyholes:
other/keyhole_red - takes key_red ("crimson key"), fires "key_red", and "ustart"
other/keyhole_red - takes key_blue ("sapphire key"), as above
other/keyhole_green - takes key_green ("jade key"), as above
other/keyhole_gold - takes key_gold as above
other/keyhole_brass - takes key_brass as above
other/keyhole_skeleton - takes key_skeleton as above
other/keyhole_rusty - takes item_key_rusty, as above
other/ keyhole_storageroomkey - takes item_storageroomkey, as above

monsters/lure - a 32x32 invisible monster you can use to attract any agro monsters to a specific location (they will percieve it as an enemy and attack it). It fires the event " lure_died " when it is slain, but you can also tie killtarget ("target when killed") to it as you would any other monster. You canNOT place it *inside* breakables to make monsters break them - as the monster can't see it inside a solid entity - but you can place this just outside and the monster will go for it - then simply trigger the breakable when it dies.

Example usage of monsters/lure in this map with source:


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

July 16th 2006 Public Changelog


- these, although untested, *should* be fairly dependable.

in addition, standard monsters/lure now responds to the following ms_npcscript events:


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

July 30th 2006 Public Changelog

- Secondary effects damage will pass XP proper, more often
- Less likely to crash from 'overlapping damage'
- Some lag reduction.

This affects:
- Poison (et. al: spell, fangtooth, arrows)
- Ice Spells that do continuous damage (ie. Blizzard, Ice Blade spec atk)
- Fire Spells and Arrows (though volcano & firewall still do not pass to proper skill)
- Lightning Storm


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

August 04th 2006 Beta-Pack Public Changelog

New Guild Crest for RIP

Changed the way Secondary Damage Effects are passed, this may:
- Help prevent 'overlapping damage' crashes
- Help XP pass proper
- Reduce some effects related lag
- New system may allow potions/items of various elemental resistances later

Changed Firewall's damage method (may still not pass XP right though)
- You will get a false message about your fire wall attacking you. It won't do any damage.

Enhanced lure functionality a bit

Added following MS_NPCSCRIPT commands that can be executed on just about any monster (or lure):
Execute on monster to make immune to element (untested):
- lightning_immune
- fire_immune
- poison_immune
- cold_immune
- normal_immune (resets all immunities to normal)

Armor (untesed)
- fifty_armor 50% damage reduction
- eighty_armor 80% damage reduction
- no_armor 0% damage reduction

Invincible Toggle (prefix match may cause issue, untested)
- make_invulnerable
- make_vulnerable

Add health (prefix match may cause issue, untested)
- add_10_health
- add_100_health
- add_500_health
- add_1000_health
- double_health (also prefixes monsters name with 'strong')
- quad_health (prefixes monsters name with 'very strong')

Set Faction/Race (This sometimes does strange, unpredictable things, including crash)
- hated_race - make monster hated by all
- beloved_race - make monster ally with all (also, likely, can't be attacked)
- orc_race
- demon_race - bridge between orcs and undead
- undead_race - may gain certain elemental resistances
- human_race - this faction encompases players and dwarves as well
- XXX_race - etc. etc.
There are other races, all are available except Goblin, which is identical to Orc (don't ask), and Hguard which is for player-friendly guards (or at least, friendly until attacked); and rogue and vermin - which I just plain forgot (next release). (complete list of factions and relations here ( ). Note that allied creatures usually cannot damage one another.)
Crash most often seems to come up when a monster kills a former ally. So, we still may not be able to have those 'epic orc clan' battles everyone wanted so. Feel free to experiment though. Works best if faction is set before monsters spots an enemy (or would-be enemy).



Blades of Urdual
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

September 14th 2006 Public Changelog

new arrows: holy arrows/greater - slaughter the unholy with enchanted arrows (greaters depend on your divination skill)
new spell: poison cloud - good damage, large area, long lasting
new spell: acid bolt - high damage, single target
new spell: sphere of ice - freeze multiple targets solid
new swords: Greater/Lesser Ice Blades, Envenomed Blade
new MA: Fire Gauntlets
new keys: key_ice, other/keyhole_ice (new model included)

monsters/elemental_fire1 - Fire Elemental
monsters/elemental_ice1 - Ice Elemental
monsters/elemental_ice2 - Greater Ice Elemental
(Greater Fire, Earth Series, Air Series, and Elder elemental series are pending)
monsters/ice_reaver - huge honking beefy beast, these subsists mostly on giant polar bears, supplemented by the occasional wandering adventurer.
monsters/skeleton_ice - decayed ice bone (frostbolts) (sometimes has a stick)
monsters/skeleton_ice_warrior - ice bone warrior (sword with perma-freeze + frostbolts)
monsters/skeleton_ice_enraged - enraged ice bone (axes, frostbolts, + on crack)
monsters/skeleton_ice_lord - ice bone lord (omfgwtfh4x 3 stage boss)
- immune to fire and cold (doesn't need a hazard to back him up)
- stage1: greater circle of frost (plays wid ya)
- stage2: sphere of ice (torchers ya )
- stage3: speed^ + clubs of dewm + regen (no more tricks, just opens a raw can of wupass)
- ...looks so feminine, I'll see if I can find an alien to do the voice for it...
monsters/orc_shaman_fire_turret - stationary fire shaman, as promised
monsters/orc_brawler - huge angry orc armed with large fists (lots of stun atks)
monsters/morc_shaman_ice - Marogar Ice Shaman
monsters/morc_shaman_ice_turret - Same thang, don't move
monsters/morc_shaman_ice_noblizz - You can't use the above two in groups, use these if you want multiple ice shamans
monsters/morc_shaman_ice_turret_noblizz - again, sans the blizzard effect for group therapy.
mosnters/snow_boar1 &2&3 - (model now standard)
[all monster/morc_XXX models are standard as well, including morc_chief]
monsters/troll_fire - Efreet (model now standard)
monsters/djinn_fire - a fire djinn
monsters/djinn_ice - an ice djinn ( use kelerosprelude/troll_djinn for Ji-ax variant )
minibosses/flesheater - BD fix
mscave/Shadahar - traded his frost bolts in for CIRCLE OF DEATH, and a rare reward
- also restored his quest to its original intended setup (difference being: it actually works, but you'll have to figure the details out on your own).
- reads as 'Gold Forged Skeleton' when used on other maps (different reward scheme for generic application)
improved orc_sniper and bandit_hard_archer aim & tactics (also regular bandit, sans tactics)
Map specific
badlands/djinn_fire - Val-Sul the fire djinn (stationary, non-summoning, yet massively overpowered variant on the standard) [map specific triggers]
NPCs/forsuth - Forsuth, the frosty dwarf! [reusable - shop with some arctic survival gear]
outpost/super - Outpost supervisor. [map specific triggers and alerts]

potion of speed - hands-free raven mace effect for 30 mins/1map
potion of protection/greater - 25%/60% damage reduction for 90 mins/1map (does not stack with ice shield)
pot fire resistance - 75% elemental damage reduction, lasts 1 map/90 minutes
pot fire immunity - 100% elemental damage reduction + immunity to effects, lasts 1 map/90 minutes
pot cold resistance - 75% elemental damage reduction, lasts 1 map/90 minutes
pot cold immunity - 100% elemental damage reduction + immunity to effects, lasts 1 map/90 minutes
pot poison antidote - 100% elemental damage reduction, lasts 1 map/90 minutes

New Mapper Toys
weather/make_snow - spawns (invisible), changes weather to snow, removes self (detects as dead by monster spawner, so repeatable)
weather/make_clear - as above, changes weather to clear (ie. removes weather effects)
weather/make_storm - as above, changes weather to storm (ie. rain+lightning)
weather/make_rain - as above, changes weather to rain (ie. "the omfg turn it off!" FPS killah)
weather/settime_day - set your map to day (6:00), removes self, detects as dead by monsterspawn, and is thus repeatable
weather/settime_dusk- as above, but sets map to dusk (ie. sunset 17:00)
weather/settime_night - as above, but sets map to night (20:00)

Example weather control with source:

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
ALL ORCS -> New AI (no more BD, regardless of numbers!), buffed up some of the less used orcs too.
(new AI = too many changes to list)
Buffed basic poison spell a bit
flinch chance / delay fixed
Various lure fixes / prevention of death by friendly fire
Ice shield no longer wastes mana by casting redundantly (mana refund on redundant cast / miss-cast)
buffed all arctic critters hp/attacks (boars/bears/morcs)
Goblin town consistancy now included in beta-package (clients should need nothing else for vanilla maps)
Guards will now defend themselves and come to one anothers aid (try it in Helena - it's fun) - also true of anything on the new AI (orcs, etc)
worked out last of chinks in improved flee system
0x0x0 Bug Fix!!!

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...


Blades of Urdual
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

October 1st 2006 Public Changelog

Public Changelog:
New Stuffz
Summoned Skeletons now upgrade armor/weaponry based on your SC level.
Helmets actually do something now! (stun resistance %)
Future helmets may do more interestin stuff.
The Light XBOW is in - seek and ye shall find (prob needs some balance/bug tweaks still)
More XBow types to come... All bolts are in game too, but you'll have to hunt them down. (Scattered)
Snake Staff - available, but not officially in yet
Bone Blade - ditto
The Spiderblade - New sword for eight legged creepies

New Beasties
- poisonous rattler
- same thing, but bigger
- giant cobra... Similar 'trap' concept as the regular cobra, but harder not to set off. (sleeps coiled)
- Silthar (level 25 miniboss), snake summoning bastard and apprentice to Venevus
- One-shot snakes summoned by snake summoning bastard.
- "Envenomed Bones" shoots poisoned bolts (same as Horror's but < damage). Unlike the frost bolters, he only shoots at the player he is facing, rather than all enemies in a radius.
- "Vampyric Poisoner" has a Bone Blade that lets him regen per-hit
- "Poisoned Spore" explodes into a poison cloud if struck hard enough or low enough on HP
- "Envenomed Blade" for two types of extra damage (non-roamer)
- "Enraged Poisoner" on crack with poison axes - not quite the same quality of crack that the Enraged Ice Bone is on, but still fast
- "Poisonus Guardian" slow moving, low damage, high armor skeleton that periodically surrounds himself with poison fog. (non-roamer)
- picks one of the above 6 at random - not a bad idea, as they tend to complement each other, and it adds to variety per map visit. Guardian and Sworder will go roaming if spawned through this random script.
* Poison bone series intended for levels 20-30 (depending on how many you use at once)
- "Venevus the Corruptor" yet another necro modeled after Keledros (just to piss off davidos.)

New Mapper Toys
shards / key / and related NPC for Crow's map
dq/findlebind <-> kodiak -> slithar -> venevus bloodrose quest package worked out
go_roam - ms_npcscript event, makes a non-roaming monster start roaming
no_roam - ms_npcscript event, sets a roaming monster into guard mode

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
More optimization for the new AI (no longer high-cycles vs. mons/sounds)
Old AI given the 'alert allies on struck' ability (but not on spot)
Pot tweakage
Bandit screwups from September fixed
Orc Flayer screwups from September fixed
*some* improvement to the flyer AI (currently affects most bats and Horrors)
No more invulnerable low-flying horrors (sadly, horror death sequence also nerfed) [includes model fix]
BS BD mitigated, but something odd is still going on there
Sembelbin High Priest chat fixed, and much more chat added.
Forsuth chat fixed and his constant nodding (hopefully once and for all)
Default NPC menus - wander around and F11 on some random NPC's - ye may even learn somethin new! ;)

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...


Blades of Urdual
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Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

November 1st 2006 Public Changelog

Yes, I realize it's only October 30th... But I won't be home the next two or three days, so you guys get your beta-pack early this month - I'm still calling it the Nov 1st update - just to confuse you.

New Stuffz
Glow can now be toggled, just cast on yourself again, and wait a few seconds.
New Glow / Summon Scroll / Divine Scroll FX (see note below)
No Clicky crest in a further effort to cut down on STEAM_ID_PENDING nubs
Added a few new chests. These require map updates. (See below)
Crystal of Relocation - defines a new spawn point. After setting a new spawn point, you will continue to respawn at the location you used the crystal until you change maps.
Crystal of Return - returns you to the default map spawn

Crystal of Return can also be used to override the effects of Crystal of Relocation, so it's often best to have one of each, case you reloc your spawn point some place that turns out to be inconvenient.
Both crystals can be purchased in a certain seaside town for between 500 and 2000gp, depending on the type and the seller's mood
NOTE: They are expendable - ie. one use per crystal.

New Beasties
Not much, mostly new aliases:
- this is, effectively, a generic version of Calruin, in case you need a creature of similar power, but don't want the title to go with.
- double the hp of the standard baby spider, but also packing heavy poison - still more of an annoyance than a threat, but good for sneaking up on players fighting bigger beasties, biting them on the ankle, and paralyzing them.

New Mapper Toys
There is a new mapper toy, but it's tied to the AMX rather than the betapack. See the AMX stuff below.

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
Various attempts to bypass item limit (ie. free up space for more items through media consolidation) - this ate up the vast majority of dev time.
Improved helm stun resistance functionality vs. boars (note: you will still get thrown, but you'll be able to attack, note also: Helms do not protect against dizzyness caused by: poison, lightning, or alcohol)
Fixed new AI archers shooting at things they can't see
Raised XP value of a few of the meaner crits
Fixed orc brawler going 'slap happy'
Some BD issues resolved on some of the creatures still using the old AI.


Blades of Urdual
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Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

December 1st 2006 Public Changelog
- Major SC.DLL Changes: -
New Stuffz
Potion of Forgetfulness - FINALLY - you can forget how to summon rats. It works, but is a tad buggy in that spells wont actually be gone until you reconnect or try to memorize a new tome.
Overpowered warnings when opponents have more than 10x your HP.
Warnings about boss regeneration
Helm of Fire Resistance - this helm's effectiveness is dependant on your Fire Magic skill
Helm of Cold Resistance - this helm's effectiveness is dependant on your Ice Magic skill
- note each of these helms will make you vulnerable to the opposing element next month - didn't have time to test that bit month
Vial of Demon Blood - kamakazie maneuver from hell, literally

New Beasties
monsters/swamp_ogre - still a bit beta (not quite ready for prime time), but good enough to figure a placement. This critter has a passive regen, moves fast, hits hard, and hops all over the place.

New Mapper Toys
ms_npcscript event "npc_suicide" - good if you need a monster or NPC to mysteriously die. If creature/npc is invulnerable, you will need to use "make_vulnerable" first (split second before). Plays death anim/sound, and is captured by msarea_monsterspawn and killtarget counters.
some new fog weahter effects -spawn an ms_npc with scriptname:
weather/make_fog_green - green swampy fog
weather/make_fog_brown - v. think brownish fog
I can make any color/density you may require, these were just setup for Gaz as examples. I'll try to get a full set when I have more time.

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
Fixed bug with orcs unable to attack people standing on their heads (SOMEONE MENTION THESE THINGS DAMNIT!) ><
Fixed bugs related to Rebuke Undead/G.Holy Arrows and undead death registry
Improved new AI reaction time
Fixed bug causing catapults to crash on Helena (result of Nov1st media consolidation)
Fixed merchants overcharging for rat scrolls (couldn't find any overcharging for glow)
Fixed summons attacking owners (WTF did no one mention this?)
Semi-fixes for frozen solid issues (greater ice blade / frozen sphere)
Semi-Fixes for death by divination and skeletons
temporarily disabled anti-stuck system (re-working eta. 2007)
redid stuck-on-spawn system (works)
Increased xbow firing rate
Improved xbow accuracy (sadly at cost of bolt speed)
Improved edict overflow protection
Hip-hop Orcs! Just cuz! (testing)
Improved navigation and anti-stuck
Stuck on spawn teleport system is now universal to both AI's, as is frustration sys
Removed need for no-clip anti-stuck (for the most part)
Fixed bug preventing sack/sheath item limits registering proper. Limits are now:
- Snakeskin sheaths: 4 weapons (there are now snakeskin sheaths for each weapon type)
- Regular Sheaths: 1 weapon
- Weapon Strap: 16 weapons
- Big Sack: 32 Items (stacks = 1 item ea)
- Heavy Back Pack: 32 Items or Weapons (stacks = 1 item ea)
- Small Sack: 8 Items (stacks = 1 item ea)
- Quiver of Arrows: 8 arrow stacks
- Quiver of Bolts: 8 bolt stacks
- Quiver of the Archer: 16 arrow types, bolt types, or weapons (stacks = 1 item ea)
- Spellbook: 32 scrolls (there are 21 types)

- Major MS.DLL Changes: -
XP Penalty now applies as follows:
- XP loss comes from highest skill
- If highest skill is less than 10, you will lose 20% progress in that skill
- If highest skill is between 10 and 20, you will lose 10% progress in that skill
- If highest skill is between 20 and 30, you will lose 5% progress in that skill
- If highest skill is 30 or above, you will lose 2% progress in that skill
- You cannot actually drop levels in skills (penalty stops at 0%)
- In addition you will lose 1% of gold on hand (0 if you have less than 100 gold)
....and to compensate you:
XP Penalty no longer applies to death by hazards (falling, lava, etc.)
Monsters now regen 25% of their health per victory max. (as opposed to 50%)
- Greater Ice Elemental and Ice Reaver are not affected by this, they have no regen per victory
- Calrian and Soul Eaters still regenerate based on the max HP of their victims
- Ice Lord at level 3 still gains 100% HP after kill (25% at levels 1 and 2)
- Vampyric Poisoners still regenerate health per strike
Wipespells script command (allows Potion of Forgetfulness above.)
Gauntlet map flag prevents players from joining gauntlet and boss maps out of order (no more free DA)
Some improved FN security (more to come)
No more 0.0 damage reports
Server browser notice of version the server is running
MUCH better CPU optimizations (Especially for Pentium 4 and above)

- AMX Changes -
Added features for map activated changemap and vote systems
Vote now removes itself from client screen after map load
More flexible voting features for those who are interested (contact via PM)
(case they used the standard trans while vote message was still up)
known bug: vote maps triggered by trans end with ")" (still works though)

- MAP Updates -
- Minor fix where ghoul wall was breakable by non-trigger event

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

- Skeletons that die from Holy Circle or other large blasts of divine energy sometimes keep walking then fade away. (This doesn't seem to affect the monster spawn though, it registers as dead.)
- Skeletons feigning death are impassible. (This is a result of removing the no-clip abilities from the anti-stuck system - they do not stay down nearly as long though).

Redo skeleton base to use 500hp buffer (did some bug fixing, but still...)
Anti-cheatmap system
More Model consolidation
Ice gauntlets/lightning gauntlets - overdue, but require model consolidation
Cheatmap system
make bludgeons useful (types) overdue
Flask of Fire
Healer kit potion replacement
Improve FN security yet more
Fix Chain Lightning (overdue)
Helena2/Old_helena (will include easier access forgetfulness pot)
Overall Item limit


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

January 1st 2007 Public Changelog
Public Changelog JAN2007a:
- Major SC.DLL Changes: -
New Stuffz
Anti-cheat map system to filter maps and prevent unauth alteration of current maps
Integrated the rest of Orochi's Model Pack
Gave Kale and the old maid a make-over
Stun resistance reports when struck (roll%/resistance%)
Parry success reports (parry_roll / attacker_roll) - helps gauge shield effectiveness
You may now click +use on any npc that uses base_chat (ie. most of them) to bring up the NPC interaction menu (some quests still need work though)
Keyhole menus activate with +use (still got those buggy hitboxes, but this helps some)
Volcano Blade - A firey wicked blade (viewmodel is buggy - spec attack needs work)
Flame Lick - A dagger forged from the tounge of an efreeti (viewmodel is buggy)
Urdulian Shield - A massive shield forged from the gates of a fallen Temple of Urdual
New scarey voices for the ice queen
New bank armor/weapon storage system
Bank Limitations
- Items/Tickets must be in your hands to be stored/redeemed (banker will remind you of this)
- If you have two of a storable item, you'll need to drop one to store it (even if it's not in your hands)
- If you have two of the same ticket type, you'll need to drop one to redeem it (even if it's not in your hands)
- Due to naming conventions, tickets will go into the same type of container/sheath of the type of item replaced
- Bank requires map updates to function

New Beasties
monsters/anim_warrior_hard_fire - meaner, infernal animated armor
monsters/anim_warrior_hard_thunder - mean animated armor with lightning effects
monsters/anim_warrior_hard_frost - mean animated armor with frost effects
monsters/anim_warrior_hard_random - one of the above three selected at random
monsters/fallen_armor - new mega-boss "Armor of The Fallen"

New Mapper Toys
ms_npcscript event "make_hopper" - turns any melee orc into a jumping type

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
Improved hip-hop orcs hip-hopping and their cpu usage during said, added animations, and staggered to avoid syncing
...and then disabled hip-hop orcs by popular demand ;)
Ice shield and rejuvenate *should* work on players, even if they are "known murderers"
Helm stun resistance now registers without having to remove/reapply
Fixed issue with keledros not greeting visitors
Dwarven Zombies now ignore stupid monsterclips in gatecity caves (XP value raised a bit accordingly)
Various navigation improvements to both new and old AI's (new AI should be more aggressive now)
Fixes for short monsters unable to hit people standing on their heads
Beware Experimental step size and slope size changes may cause issues
Armor display fix (beta'ish - has some bugs of its own to work out)
- Known Issue: Old Armor view bug shows up on character selection display
- Known Issue: Character's bodies will be invisible first time you select
- Known Issue: Body will show through armor for a few seconds after spawn
- Known Issue: Glow shells not appearing on players
Fixed Sumdale<->Urduaf quest interaction (still works best through menu)
Fixed cave bats (firebats may need fixin' too, I've not checked yet...)
Improved Horror flight AI a tad (still sux arse)
Fixed issues with spitting spiders not acquiring targets

- Major MS.DLL Changes: -
Damage types can now be declared in dodamage lines, allowing for more dynamic damage resistance/vulnerabilities
Improved parry system
Parry no longer responds to: poison, fire, lightning (except direct attack), freeze damage, 0 damage attacks, or target acquisitions
Shields, ditto (except deflect, which we'll work on later)
New remote removeitem function for new banking system
XP penalty is selected from a random skill

- AMX Changes -
Fixed minor display bug in vote system

- MAP Updates -
Added Galat's storage to Edana (It won't work inside that room, so he has to stand outside)
Added Galat's storage to Deralia
Added Galat's storage to Gatecity
Added Galat's storage to Helena
Made Helena raids a bit more interesting

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

Febuary 1st 2007 Public Changelog
Public Changelog:
- Major SC.DLL Changes: -
New Stuffz
New console commands:
- day = set time to noon
- dusk = set time to sunset
- clearsky = clear all weather effects (from YOUR client only)
- All weather/time commands have a 30 second delay to help prevent abuse
show_health [0/1] - causes health/mana to show up in combat console (lower left) - good if your hud is hidden to improve FPS
- Note: this isn't a cvar, so you can't add it to your config, but it must be activated in game (you can, however, bind it, eg. bind x "show_health")
- if you ommit the 0/1 it toggles whatever mode it is in
- health will display whenever you are struck or healed, and mana will display whenever you cast a spell
- note that it is a console command, not a true cvar, so autoexec wont catch it, but you can bind it (not perfect, but works)
Minor NPC fixes: Fixed/replaced Tristan quest, NPC menu for barmaid, tweaks to Vadrel
Summons now on new AI
Summons have interaction menu with commands (press +use to control individual summons)
New summon command: stay/guard (causes summon to stay in specific spot)
Restored Foglund to his MS 1.35 look
Gave shop keeper aprons due to Orochi's bitching (I think it looks awful though)
Boosted Flesheater
Boosted Sir Geric
Levelup FX and global message when you gain experience
Chain Lightning - Go out Palpatine style, with this nasty spell that is now in the game
Golden Axe - An undead slayin' axe that does goads of damage! Can ye find it?

New Beasties
monsters/slime_black_small - black pudding
monsters/slime_black_large - large black pudding, splits into small puddings
monsters/slime_black_huge - huge black pudding, splits into large puddings (mean)
- note large and huge slimes and their children are "demon" faction while small slimes are "wildanimal" faction - this is to ease placement (low level areas tend to have more "wildanimal" types)
monsters/anim_warrior_hard_random - random elemental animated armors, not new, but works now (mean!)
monsters/slime_ceriux1 - tiny green slime - do not tie to firepershall events, buggy model forces buggy kill meathod - it will not detect
monsters/fallen_armor_triggered - this variant of the fallen armor doesn't get up until he recieves the ms_npcscript event " enter_combat " (v.mean!)
monsters/zombie_decayed - a weak zombie - zomg it sounds like brain bread! (even though its some other mod entirely)
The following "no roam" variants of these monsters exist due to there being no monster spawns in edanasewers and the need to restrict their movement in said map:
- monsters/slime_ceriux1_nr
- monsters/zombie_decayed_nr
- monsters/slime_black_large_nr
monsters/skeleton_geric - Alias for The Dread Knight Sir Geric, ww3d style. Note: New model, and in some ways, meaner than his cousin Lord BS.

New Mapper Toys
More lures (new ones in green)
monsters/lure //default with 1hp


BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
Further attempts to cut down on edict errors caused by fire dart/ball spam
Fixed issue with some monsters going into "perpetual flinch mode" when struck by fireball/poison, etc
Helena stores now close during raids (still need to get them back into their stalls when raid ends)
Blizzard changes:
- Made blizzard look "a little more threatening" via ice-shards. Some rebalance.
- Blizzard now scans more like Poison Cloud. (ie. has a % chance of freezing things that walk through it.)
- Also renamed it "ice storm" for no paticular reason (sounds more threatening?)
Obliterated and rebuilt old AI based on January + new AI mods (all clean again)
- This should fix love-making boars, ice djinn throwing himself, etc - all sorts of crap really
Studio frame advance errors on temporary entities
Scatter bolts - EVERYWHERE - and the fletcher's are catching up with this "cutting edge" crossbow technology as well!
Boosted the arrows a bit, pending are more permanant solution

- Major MS.DLL Changes: -
Addded SMID extensions for SSE2 enabled processors
Further efforts to get the thing to realize it isnt in debug mode

- AMX Changes -
Attempts to get the vote counter to work right (really need to re-write from scratch)
Three new vote systems, set cvar as desired:
- ms_votemap_type 0 - the classic system: allows votes for adjacent maps
- ms_votemap_type 1 - retricted voting: allows votes only at transitions
- ms_votemap_type 2 - ultra voting: vote for any map you can name (amx_ultra_vote no longer works - use this instead)
- all modes also allow you to vote for root towns and custom maps (as defined by your custommap cvar)
- all modes prevent voting into gauntlet and boss maps
- Vote system now parses custommaps string so players can read all the map names (up to 1280 characters)
(Even this has its limits, eventually going to have to make it via custom config file instead of cvar)
- just the vote plugin, not all of AMX - it wont affect your configs. You still need AMX to actually use it.

- MAP Updates -
- Edanasewers, in an effort to increase tourism to aid an aleing economy has hired new staff in their "massive beef up" campaign
- Still about the same level map, so n00b friendly
- see if you can find: 2 electric slimes, 8 sewer slimes, 7 decaying zombies, a flying leech or two, and 1 large black pudding
- Green fog makes for low end-puter friendly graphics (rough having your light on all the time), type clearsky at console to remove
Minor fixes/tweaks on various other maps

- Installer Changes -
Installer will now attempt to patch your maps! (It'll ask)
- If you see "bspfile '%s' does not exist" it simply means you do not have the map to patch. I'll clean this up in the next ver.
Installer will also ask if you want to add FN to your configs

alias toggle_hud_on "show_health 0;ms_hidehud 0;alias toggle_hud toggle_hud_off"
alias toggle_hud_off "show_health 1;ms_hidehud 1;alias toggle_hud toggle_hud_on""
alias toggle_hud toggle_hud_on

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

FEB2007a_Supplemental wrote:
Btw, figured we should review the various summon modes, since they've been pretty thoroughly revamped, behavior wise:

• "Defend Mode" (by speech "defend" - default mode on spawn)
- If the summon has no target, he will follow you. Summon will ignore targets more than a short distance from it. Summon will maintain a respectful distance, but stay nearby.
• "Follow Mode" (by menu or speech "follow")
- Summon will disengage any combat and ignore all targets, and follow you very closely.
• "Hunt Mode" (by menu or by speech "hunt")
- Summon will move away from master and look for something to kill.
• "Kill Target Mode" (by speech "kill")
- Summon will attack the master's current target (if any). If there is no valid target, it will enter hunt mode. If it's target is slain, it will also enter hunt mode.
• "Guard Mode" (by menu or speech "guard")
- Summon will stop and guard its position. It will not move, at all. It will engage attackers but not move from its spot to do so. If it is thrown or otherwise dislodged from its guard position, it will attempt to return to it or the general vicinity.
• "Unsummon" (by menu or speech "dismiss")
- Summon will vanish. There's a 10 summon limit, so this can be useful.

Hired NPC's also have this same menu, and all these options (save for "Unsummon" where they instead have "Disband")

Summons should lag a LOT LESS now. One of the issues I discovered is that the summon's AI script was actually running on both the client and the server at the same time (this caused much of the odd behavior as well). Summons are now entirely server side, and shouldn't leave any "ghost" code on the client that causes you to get consecutively laggier even after they're gone.

Forgot this one: "xyz" at console now returns both your position AND your ANGLES - which is VERY handy for placing monsters in maps you are ripenting. It also returns them in a hammer-friendly format (ie. separated by spaces) so you can just right-click copy and paste.


Blades of Urdual
The True Followers of the Lost
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
Re: List of changelogs

FEB2007b Betapackage

This is a supplemental update, it isn't critical. If you play on a FEB2007a server with this patch, there are only two potential items you could lose (see below) so you should be relatively safe.

Originally it was going to be nothing but server-side bug fixes, but I all you guys really want is more items and maps, so... ;)

Bug Fixes
• MS.DLL - now defaults to the non-SSE2 enabled version. Versions with SSE1 and SSE2 enhanced instruction sets are included in the dlls folder for those who want them.
• Dated clients no longer crash when they level (although they may still crash if they see someone with the "A" patch level.)
• Dated clients should no longer crash on new weather changes
• Further efforts to fix the occasional No Free Edict from fireball/dart bug.
• Chain Lightning now does damage.
• Bats drop down
• Zombie quest counter fixed.
• Bone Blade not heals against all monsters (save for undead, as per usual)
• Ice Djinn will hopefully not ignore monster clips
• Skycastle chests security altered
• Orc brawlers should stay frozen when struck by greater ice blade.
• Fixed some precache hitwall sound errors.
• Blizzard/Ice Storm now visible indoors.
• Lures should not get glowshells when struck by elemental magic
• Weather should reset between maps

New Stuff
• Potion of Regeneration (in game)
- Rapid healing for around 5 minutes.
• Bottle of Vampire Blood (in game)
- Read the warning label - note on some maps, it applies to anywhere during the day. ;)
- Lasts about 5 minutes. Does not work against undead.

New Monsters
• monsters/zombie - Like decayed zombie, but... not so decayed. (in game)
• monsters/zombie_huge - Remember Fred? (in game)
• monsters/skeleton_stone1
- weakest of the pending Stone Skeleton series - fast moving, damage resistant bastard with sword and shield. (in game)
• monsters/skeleton_ice - not new, but now has a shotgun. ^_^
• All the enraged skeletons (save the weakest) have a new model that favors the ability to run over speeding up the animation that caused the odd lag effect. (Specifically: Enraged Poisoner, and Enraged Ice Skeleton)
• Miniboss Minions ( monsters/flesheaterminion and monsters/bloodreaverminion ) have been moved to the "smart" model and are thus now much more frightening.
• heras/GhorAsh - moved to "smart" skeleton model, and is now fleet of foot as well.

Installer Changes
• Better feedback on the map update batch file.

Lots of other minor changes.

Stuff that didn't get done:
- I'd have to delay this another day to get you the AMX fix, but I'll release it as a separate AMX update when I get it working.
- Shaddarh refuses to play nice with his COD under the new model... So maybe we'll go with laser eyes later. ;)