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Kroush Map 1.0

This lush, tranquil place is now a starting point for bandit raiders.

  1. Dehoth

    Well, nearly two years without a patch, which just about breaks our record, so... We're givin ya a little something to tide ya'll over while we continue to beat this thing into shape.

    Kroush is a mid difficulty FN approved map, now up on the RKS servers. It can be downloaded directly from them (which maybe a bit slow) or from this page (Requires Winrar or 7z.).

    The extensive multi-level map, while obeying NOV2015a compatibility, features an incremental dynamic treasure system and integrates a few clever features to give it a fair amount of replay value, all while providing a few puzzles and surprises along the way.

    Currently, to access the map, simply "votemap kroush" in chat or console.

    So go kills us some bandits! (And spiders, and tigers, and bears, oh my!... Wait, no tigers...)

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    Version: 1.0