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    Intuitive Reality vs. Magic Reality

    Wouldn't it be better if you applied a counter element bonus that lowers resists to the opposite element...? At least this is what i see when it comes to magic elements in game, at least the basic elements. They usually come in pairs, one cancels the other or makes it stronger. If an enemy is...
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    Sons of Babel

    Sup. :rolleyes:
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    how do i open the game?

    I would assume that his bloom still works because of these two possibilities: -outdated graphics drivers; -old gpu. My old laptop could run bloom perfectly and i used to play with that feature quite alot for a while, but when i made my desktop with a gtx 670 back in 2012/2013, i think bloom was...
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    Aye? Aye! Tommorow after work though, gotta get the sleeps for now.
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    Etnies was just browsing the forums!

    What the...
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    Could we get some news about the next patch?

    I wonder, is it possible to increase the level cap to 50 but nullify the stat gains from 46-50? Basically players could keep leveling to 50 but stats would be capped at 45, at a later date, when you see fit, you could increase the cap accordingly to the current difficulty tier at the time and...
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    Map Statistics

    If you want to make changes to fall damage for "creative purposes", might aswell make changes to the drowning system for the same purpose. Of course, i am being ironic with this, both ideas are stupid and should be added to the trash bin. Fall damage is low but there is already the screen...
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    Clientside glow.

    Felewyn's light could use a rework/reforge. I don't know how many fingers can be used to place rings in this game, but i bet there aren't enough rings to use them all yet.
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    Favorite in-game songs?

    Haven't played in a while, overall there are plenty of decent soundtracks used in the game. There are people out there that think otherwise and resort to listening to their own playlists, which of course could be a better thing to do as it gets repetitive very fast. Anyways, the first...
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    Screen position

    100% x is definetly right, 100% y is either bottom/top. I'm used to top being 0 and bottom 100% from self experience, but using a graph chart as Thothie suggested, makes the opposite option also valid and probably the most popular of the two. If i'm not mistaking, web programming XY starts at...
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    Northern Thornlands / Extra Transitions Map / Name Pending

    The community has officially spoken. ;)
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    Northern Thornlands / Extra Transitions Map / Name Pending

    Bump for many reasons. Agree with Kermit and keep it up!
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    Where is "recent posts"?

    Kanta, you are not alone, i also noticed that yesterday and thought someone had messed with the forums or something. Right now it displays this thread as the unique result. Something must have happened but it doesn't matter, since it is still there.
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    QoL Suggestion: Small XP/Lootdrop buffs during low playercount periods

    Like i told you on steam, that is to be expected from a game that has very few players playing it daily. People will follow you around and try to force you into doing certain maps that you don't want to do, i know this because i used to do this a long time ago before alts were a "problem". This...
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    Umulak2 - Coming Soonish?

    The answer you are seeking is right there in the second paragraph, or at least most of it. Dunno what else you are expecting as an answer, unless you want the original "Waiting on the next patch" mumbo jumbo with a small hope that things will get slightly better this time around. Then that is...