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    Add more commands to the Keyboard tab in options+New control for toggling charge methods.

    Kanta is bribing me to say I support this, except I had to decimate him with straight facts by saying listresist and listpoints shows up in the commands list in edana. šŸ˜”
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    Upcoming Poll: Item Variety and Inventory

    personally have a much stronger preference for the classic rpg style stuff. while i dont really mind diablo-style stuff i do find it kinda annoying to be hoping for good stat rolls on weapons (destiny 2 has an even worse case of this where all weapons feel kinda meaningless outside exotics, and...
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    Gertenheld_Cape Apple quest.

    syphiel's soup from m2_quest, i imagine, since that thing is basically a ton of mead and apples
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    Banned From Discord

    y'know, it's quite impressive to see people's behavior not change after 8 years
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    Abandoned [WIP] Archives - These Maps Need Mappers!

    especially not the one map that has essential tomes for high level players, that'd be silly right? right?
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    Rollback Request

    seems like sylvaine lost a massive amount of progress from that, so perhaps it might be better to undo the rollback? i'm not certain how "corrupted" the character was, though. the gear vanished, but stats were still there edit: for what it's worth, if it's too muc hassle we can just level back...
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    INFO Bug Reports NOV2015a

    the relevant bit more of a suggestion than a bug report, but yeah it'd be nice to see this change (i also spent ungodly amounts of time just running in circles in the boss room waiting, on a separate instance)
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    Rollback Request

    ^ for her i reckon that it might be more worthwhile to get her new gear instead of rollbacking, as it would be a significant step back progress-wise. depends on when the backup happened
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    Rollback Request

    earliest before date of this post STEAM_0:1:18944283 slot 3 votemapped from gatecity to daragoth, was able to join server just fine on my 1st slot char but my 3rd didn't respond to clicking on it in the menu, and then all of its gear was gone when i joined another server (stats were still fine...
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    The Seraphs of Rhaa

    Uberzolik HP: idk its like above 100 i think Oh glitched masterpiece Comprehension balks at time I have spent within.
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    Shout out to my boys

    kinda weird getting a thanks for it when i only showed up after you got it, but still happy you got it!! congrats!!
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    [Guide] - How to Play Master Sword Alpha 1.01

    our experience messing around with this so far: you can punch a wall until you die! can't seem to get characters to actually load on internet servers, forced to make a new one every time (this makes it impossible to navigate anything outside edana, dunno if thothie might know how to get that...
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    Dwarves still not patched out?

    seems like you accidentally tagged it as mss, hah
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    Dwarves still not patched out?

    Wow! What a convincing disguise.