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    East 1-3 Missing.

    Restarted, probably caused a major hiccup for whomever is currently on 18.
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    Rollback Request

    I've not had direct access to a desktop or laptop in over a month, and can barely hold and operate a connection remotely with my phone. I can't seem to connect to the FN servers with it. I should be coming home soon though. I dunno if @The Man In Black is around to help, but as I suspect things...
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    INFO Latest Update News

    Time for another new map... Gertenheld_Forest2 is a remake of the original Gertenheld_Forest (also by @Dridje) that now features Sophie the Wonder Dog! The map is roughly the same difficulty as the original (low-medium), save for one new high level area, and with much more to explore...
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    Gertenheld_Forest2 by Dridje AUG2020

    This forest is the heart of the Gertenheld region. Alternative Download: 4.97 MB (5,221,004 bytes)
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    Map Pack AUG2020

    Includes the latest versions of: Gertenheld_Crypt by @Dridje Gertenheld_Forest2 by @Dridje Hemlock by @Caluminium Kroush by @Dehoth Thornlands_North by @Dridje Alternative Download: 37.7 MB (39,588,243 bytes)
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    US East 02 refusing connection

    Fixed both... London 11 seems to have a habit of going down for some reason - dunno why, same box as the others.
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    SELFIES (dun dun dunnnnnn)

    Ya know, we did try to add a bump mapping mod, but alas, it did not want to work (and, presumably, would work about as well as our bloom does now, if it had). Similar when trying to integrate HLFX/SOL - though there maybe a newer source about, that maybe did things via #includes or #indefs...
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    SELFIES (dun dun dunnnnnn)

    Texture is far too high res. Polycount and animation is about right. 7/10
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    Character Creator Tools

    Well, you can tweak up the sample assets, if you design a specific motif, so if they do become permanent, they'll at least still set a tone - though I dunno what sorta modeling/photoshop experience ya got to work with.
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    Character Creator Tools

    Unless you can find an extremely prolific and extremely dedicated modeler, you are unlikely to achieve this, long term, realistically speaking. Your "placeholders" will become permanent. So, if you want to avoid that, and don't have such a gifted and generous modeler, you gotta spend a boatload...
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    Current Status of the Migration to the Sven Coop Engine

    Lag and loading times, mayhaps. Certainly the client loads faster, and it allows both the client and the server to make use of more memory space. Wouldn't expect miracles though, and some of the more critical issues with transitions and such seem to remain.
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    INFO Latest Update News

    New map for Independence Day (So good it may cure Corona-chan!) Disclaimer: Not approved by the CDC as a treatment for Corona-chan. HEMLOCK “I drank what!?” - Socrates, 399 BCE by @Caluminium A map with lots of sekrats for levels ranging from 700hp-1000+! Available in the Downloads Section...
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    Hemlock by Caluminium JUL2020

    Travel these lands at your own peril.. Alternative Download: 16.8 MB (17,654,937 bytes)
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    Rebuke effects to ignore armor/damage resist.

    In the alpha, the only way to remove darkness contamination quickly is with one of the two rare to extremely rare holy hand grenades. Plan down the line was to add some other items/quests. In NOV2015, all you can do is wait for it to dissipate while avoiding using darkness. Guess we'll leave...
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    [WiP] Hemlock

    Bleh, shoulda had this up by now... Revealed some issues in my last NOV2015b build, but I should put the rollbacking iterations aside and concentrate on this - all I really need to do is edit some treasure chests, me thinks, and we can put up a version for NOV2015a, though testing has kinda been...