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    Gelbra Manor

    *The following is concept text for a map* Gelbra Manor sits deep in the forest. Once a private home of nobility, it has crumbled to quiet ruin. In one of the rooms, the following letter was discovered. To my fairest Aneska, whom I will love ā€˜til the earth crumbles into dust. I am Gelbra...
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    I mean, informed consent would be a big one. That's like the big difference between a psychological study and just playing with people. Honestly, I've got a psychology degree, and to list the ways in which this isn't psychology would take more time than I care to say. I mean, by all means...
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    Yeah, that ain't how psychology works at all. At least, psychology with an ounce of ethics.
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    Man, dressing up as a dragon would be awesome.
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    imo, a character wipe is a great idea. Would be fun to see where the balance issues lie as people re-skill, and which exploits they use.
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    Anyone there?

    Ahahahahahahahahaha... ...No. But modding is a labour of love! Like coming back to the same abusive partner day after day, week after week, and enjoying those countless nights wondering whether you're good enough for them. šŸ™ƒ
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    Intuitive Reality vs. Magic Reality

    I'm going to vote option 1, but with the caveat that we change the damage log to show how much damage is being resisted. Judging a weapon's base power becomes a lot more difficult the more elemental resistances effect it. Also I'd quite like a way of actually seeing a creature's resistances...
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    Of course Aye would like to.
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    Master Sword: United (Urdual? Umpteenth Attempt?)

    The two killers of personal projects - motivation and time. For what it's worth I admire everyone in this thread for the amazing work they've done, supporting or actively contributing to this wonderful game. (Also, my own contribution of a single map would never have seen the light of day...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    We are all Icarus here, with our scorched feathers.
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    Job, mortgage, relationship. Miss being into mapping. Thinking of coming back and making something.
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    The problem really is that those who love Borderlands style drops will play Borderlands, and those who love Diablo style drops will play Diablo. The reason people played (and some continue to play) MS:C was that level of uniqueness which made it all fun (and probably the fact it's free with a...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    With regard to releasing as a commercial game you'd have to get someone legal involved as being inspired by a Half-Life Mod, MS:U would likely owe some Intellectual Property rights to Valve and MS team. You'd need to work out how different MS:U would have to be to get around that (as I imagine...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    At the moment this is pretty much all Xeropace. I don't know coding or modelling to the extent necessary to be useful so I'm just doing the same as people here - providing advice or ideas when I can. :oops: