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    I am so confused.

    I am so confused.
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    It was a fun ride.. Met some wonderful people in this community that I will never meet elsewhere or have the pleasure of meeting. Been friends with them for more than 4-5 years now.. Thank you Thothie and everyone for providing such a wonderful experience and community, trying to keep it alive...
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    The absolute state of MSC

    There's certainly a lot of gauntlet maps and "high to epic" level dungeons in aspect to ratio with the more earlier convened maps, like thornlands. Though mappers like Dridje, Oyster, and Brandon are (or for some, were) still adding to that amount which is a cool and great thing. Indeed, and...
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    The absolute state of MSC

    I think that it's been quite some time since a patch, and there's a lot of discerning details to look at piece by piece, and why a patch is being delayed as of current; on to top of existential issues. This should be a healthy topic, if any of us here are passionate about the future of the...
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    POLL: MS:R Items and Inventory

    Maybe could incur an option for either or? Manual looting, or auto-looting by predefined parameters. Like some may want to manually sift through scrolls or something like that, potions- but probably auto-pick up stuff that doesn't weigh too much but can be sold in bulk. The looting system from...
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    Banned From Discord

    I remember having to also clean up his messages and gore and before his ban he PMed it to everybody. That wasn't a pleasant thing to see.
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    POLL: MS:R Items and Inventory

    I like them all and I've casted some of my votes. Another suggestion, how about a loot system similar to Ultima Online and Life is Feudal? where you stack items in a bag and sort through it.
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    [MS:U] Project Lead Journal

    This.. this is incredible..
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    If I was a dwarf I would mistake you for an infinitely better man, oh holy man of Urdual.
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    This is what I have on github for MSC so far, a repo I put up for Oyster and I forwarded him the use of Github Desktop, although it may not have it's uses for him, this repo is public (there's another private one for oyster's internal work) - so if anyone is feeling thrifty and may want to write...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    For a while I tried to convince Oyster and actually succeeded, for repositories to hold his quest progress in the new system created by Rex/Greatguys1. It's sitting still right now as I am considering helping make quests for him or not. Github is wonderful from my experience, glad that you guys...
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    Technical College, programming classes, IT, hardware Things like that.