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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    This is what I have on github for MSC so far, a repo I put up for Oyster and I forwarded him the use of Github Desktop, although it may not have it's uses for him, this repo is public (there's another private one for oyster's internal work) - so if anyone is feeling thrifty and may want to write...
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    I'm seriously considering making a spiritual successor.

    For a while I tried to convince Oyster and actually succeeded, for repositories to hold his quest progress in the new system created by Rex/Greatguys1. It's sitting still right now as I am considering helping make quests for him or not. Github is wonderful from my experience, glad that you guys...
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    Technical College, programming classes, IT, hardware Things like that.
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    [REQ] Voice Acting

    Incredible! That's a very large contribution! Oyster maps here and there, does quests. He's showing me Greatguys1/Rex's scripted questing system at the moment. Having a voice actor is all the merrier!
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    INFO Latest Update News

    Going old school huh?
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    The Blades of Urdual

    Thanks, we can certainly wait on @Thothie or anyone else that can do that. I should be able to edit things discord-side for myself. Thanks!
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    FN Access, Donator

    FN Access, Donator
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    The Blades of Urdual

    Kenshin 1043 HP 460 MANA 40 THUG
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    What does the "Awareness" stat do?

    I can see this thread going in many interesting ways, perhaps we can truly discuss how to make a min-maxed powerful character in the most careful of ways.
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    Yhrra the Savior // Yhrra the Deceiver

    Fine addition to my lore collection :O!! Fuckin' love this!
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    Favorite in-game songs?

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    Favorite in-game songs?

    The Reflections soundtrack reminded me of some 90's crime show ambience.
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    Favorite in-game songs?

    I've uploaded most of the songs to my youtube in a playlist, including ones that hasn't been included in the game yet - with the help from Oyster. My favorite one is Dawn over Asceria. It can be found here. If I am missing any, let me know.
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    I'm back... what did I miss?

    I think I saw an apple fall off a tree not to far from Edana.
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    Happy new year!

    I look forward to a greater and more up-to-speed year with MSC! Cheers!