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    Thothie, I knew you were desperate to get people interested in the mod, but I'm not sure that this is the way to do it!
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    None of my avatars will work.

    heck, this thread gonna be doin itself a No Man's Land
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    None of my avatars will work.

    crazy adorable, you mean
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    None of my avatars will work.

    dammit Thoth you're only exacerbating it EDIT: Shit, mine don't work no more either. Guess there's only one thing left to do.
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    + 1 lol @ myself for not taking my birthday off
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    Gay Marriage

    He does have a point, though. Very few people are actually completely disgusted by the same sex. Most people are on a sliding scale of sexuality. Our culture is pretty harsh against that, though, even in the LGBT community. People's desires don't get acted on because they're afraid of not being...
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    MSC Scripting Sub Forum

    If I remember correctly, either you or MiB had some custom settings for Edit+ that colorized the text specifically for msc scripting (setvar/d, $get, etc...). It helped me a lot with scripting in the past.
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    Renaissance fair!

    Given that the one picture I've seen of you (in full make-up), I can totally see you in a vampire outfit, Thoth. As well as several anime cosplays.
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    no basic ( non charge ) attack possible most of the time

    Is this happening to all weapons? Does it work if you set ms_autocharge to 0?
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    Need a rollback

    Sitting around chatting after a map was one of my favorite things to do back in the day.
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    Need a rollback

    He probably just gets really high and forgets that he's playing MS:C :P
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    Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to...

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    Bug Reports FEB2013a

    Psh, they don't test after pre employment screening, and people show up high all the time. :P
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    Bug Reports FEB2013a

    I can help you with tho-oh, you mean the weapons. :(