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  • Adventure with friends in a multiplayer RPG World for Half-Life.

  • Over 11 standard maps to explore, including The Thornlands. Plus many custom maps from the community!

  • Hours and hours of gameplay, taking your player character to new levels.

  • Enjoy the Master Sword : Continued character stat system and watch your character class dynamically change to your style of play.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2

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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question

  • What is this about? Is this MasterSword II basically?

    No. Think of MasterSword : Continued as an expansion pack to the original mod. Essentially it is a remake. We're editing the current maps and keeping the look up-to-date as well as adding totally new locations and towns to explore. As well as adding new features, bug fixing etc...

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  • Is this the original team that made the first versions of MasterSword?

    Mostly no. We are lucky enough to have some of the old core members working with us like Dogg, the original coder. Otherwise most the other people are new. Mix of old and new talent which should make this release fresh.

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  • I see on the site it has some features listed. Is this mod just empty claims?

    No. All the things mentioned there are already existing in the current MasterSword. Continued improves and adds upon these.

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  • I've also wanted to make my own custom maps for MasterSword. Will you be releasing the MS:C.fgd?

    No. It's only available to developers. Problems occured when releasing the first .fgd, people cheated and gave themselves money, armor, weapons etc... making their character unfair in online play. That is why in MasterSword : Continued players will be forced to start new characters.

Master Sword : Continued
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