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  • Adventure with friends in a multiplayer RPG World for Half-Life.

  • Over 11 standard maps to explore, including The Halls of Carthane. Plus many custom maps from the community!

  • Hours and hours of gameplay, taking your player character to new levels.

  • Enjoy the Master Sword : Continued character stat system and watch your character class dynamically change to your style of play.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2

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IPv6 Ready!
ipv6 ready

Downloads Section
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Main Downloads
Background Info


Lanethan 130 KB Dan 'Lanethan' Bruington
Awesome short story about the background of MS
History of Daragoth 34 KB Dan 'Lanethan' Bruington
A breif overview of the major points in Daragoth's history
Apostles 4 KB Dan 'Lanethan' Bruington
Some information on the Apostles


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