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  • Adventure with friends in a multiplayer RPG World for Half-Life.

  • Over 11 standard maps to explore, including The Spooky Forest. Plus many custom maps from the community!

  • Hours and hours of gameplay, taking your player character to new levels.

  • Enjoy the Master Sword : Continued character stat system and watch your character class dynamically change to your style of play.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2


Link to us!


02/16/2015 FEB2015a is here!
Thanks to Thothie for the news.

That's right, after waiting eons for a new update, MSC returns, just after Valentine's Day, to show that it still loves you, with, not just a patch, but AN ALL NEW FULL INSTALLER. (The first since 2010!)

Head to the Downloads Section and grab it now!

You can read more about it over yonder.

01/02/2014 RKS Server Updates, Again
Thanks to Thothie for the news.

RKS current FN servers... - Server 01 - Chicago, IL - Server 02 - Chicago, IL - Server 03 - Chicago, IL

Also possible FN servers: - Hell's Diner - Rohgan's Server - MP5's Korean Server

RKS EU service restoration is pending.

So, if the Steam Browser is causing you trouble, update accordingly. They do seem to be registering in the master server proper on this end though.

04/12/2013 RKS Server Update
Thanks to Thothie for the news.

The RKS server line's gotten brand new shiny parts, that'll hopefully make your MSC experience a bit smoother...

The IP's have updated as well: - Server 01 - NYC - Server 02 - NYC - Server 03 - NYC - Server 04 - NYC - Server 05 - Dallas - Server 06 - Dallas - Server 07 - Dallas - Server 08 - Dallas - Server 09 - Chicago - Server 10 - Chicago - Server 11 - Chicago - Server 12 - Chicago

Will update the readme in the next update.

These, and other servers, can be found in the sticky yonder.

Meanwhile, Half-Life updates... *sigh* Yeah, all pain, no gain. If you're having mouse issues, you may try the solutions discussed yonder. Participating on the beta version of Half-Life *may* also do you some good.

01/19/2013 JAN2013a is here!
Thanks to Thothie for the news.

...and it's still January! (Amazing...)

Umm... Yeah...

Still, seems we're finally getting back on track again... Be sure to check out the forums, for the latest info on the patch, and hit the download section, to acquire said patchy goodness.

12/07/2012 [FN] Server List
Thanks to Thothie for the news.

The Steam browser is made of fail these days, very few third party mod servers actually appear in the server list, so to help you guys out, here's a list of the more reliable [FN] servers: - Hell's Diner - RKS #01 USA East - RKS #02 USA East - RKS #03 USA East - RKS #04 USA East - RKS #05 USA Central - RKS #06 USA Central - RKS #07 USA Central - RKS #08 USA Central - RKS #09 Europe - RKS #11 Europe - RKS #12 Europe - Rohgan's Server

Master Sword : Continued
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